New Year's Resolutions I Can Stick With
So it’s January 2nd. Are New Year’s Resolutions still a thing? I’m definitely the type to have grandiose plans January 1 and abandon them by March. Yet this year I wanted to really commit to a couple of things I know hands down I can easily stick with. Start small and work my way up to the mega resolutions later on.
Thanks to some really awesome Christmas gifts I have all the tools in order to get started. Right off of my wishlist (this never happens) and better than I could have imagined, the Disney Collectible Postcards box is going to do a lot more than just sit pretty on my shelf. I lusted after these gorgeous cards showcasing how some of my favorite childhood movies came to life because I want to use them. Sure part of me wants to horde them and collect them all, but a postcard demands to be sent. I want to send all 100 of these gorgeous cards to people throughout the year. I used to write letters like crazy. I still do, but I wanted something to inspire me and encourage me to do it even more. These cards are amazing and I can’t wait to share them with friends and family. 
Alex and I love to host events, so this next one would probably happen naturally. I want to expand my cooking and baking skills in 2017 and this seriously amazing appetizer cookbook will make it loads easier. It has 225 different appetizer recipes and each one has a photo. Done. Nothing will make me try a recipe more than a mouthwatering photo to go right alongside it. By the end of 2017 I want to cook at least two dozen of these recipes for various parties I’m sure we’ll host throughout the year.
That’s it. Those are my two goals for 2017. No fuss and no frills I just want to cook more and stay in touch with family and friends. 2017 feels like the year to strip down all the excess and get back to the things that bring me joy. 
What are your resolutions for 2017?