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When You Can't Work at a Desk | My Work Bin

When You Can't Work at a Desk | My Work Bin

When You Can't Work at a Desk | My Work Bin

When You Can't Work at a Desk | My Work Bin

I learned pretty quickly when I started working at home that a desk just isn't my preferred work space. Honestly I don't know how I managed for the years I worked in an office. I'm the queen of the "bed desk" and find myself being more productive lounging. On any given day you can find my hanging out in our guest bedroom, working on a couch somewhere, or planted in our bed with my pajamas still on. One thing that always goes with me is my work bin.

Since I don't have a designated work space, my supplies have to travel with me. I carry this structured bin around everywhere like a security blanket. It contains anything I could possibly need on a regular basis.

Planners are a must to keep track of what I'm doing that particular day. I have my Erin Condren Life Planner and my to do list book from Rifle Paper Co. I occasionally keep my sticker accordion in the bin as well if I plan on updating my ECLP at any point during the day. I also tend to carry around the Erin Condren Monthly Planner that I use to keep track of mileage for Oh, Hello. When I return from running errands or any travel related to work I'll write down the details and mileage before getting back to bed desk-ing. 

I also like to have some extra pens and sticky notes on hand for any random notes I may need to take. I'm currently using these adorable breakfast food shaped ones. There's also a book tucked into the bin if I need to take a break. Right now I'm reading The Light Between Oceans by M.L. Stedman for my neighborhood book club. If I'm moving from place to place I'll also pop in my laptop, charger, and mouse just to be able to carry things all at once. 

Depending on what I'm working on any given week, the contents of the bin vary. But I've found this a huge help to keep me from having to get up and locate things I may need around the house. It's a portable office that can travel wherever I feel like working on a particular day. I love the freedom, and my business loves how productive I am because of it.

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