10 Ways to Use That Empty Notebook
We all do it. Horde those gorgeous notebooks with grand plans of what we’ll one day use them for. But of course we never do. I think it’s safe to say I have a good dozen or so of these empty notebooks I’m saving for a rainy day. I’m saying enough is enough and finally putting them to good use. Here are some easy ways to finally use that empty notebook.
  1. Create a book of lists where each page is a different list. Write a list for places you want to travel, favorite foods, future baby names, favorite Etsy shops, etc. You could easily fill a nice sized notebook with a ton of different lists. Do this every year and see how your interests change over time.
  2. Try your hand at bullet journaling. An empty notebook is the perfect place to start creating your own system of planning. Create a yearly overview, books read, weekly spread, etc. There are a ton of resources on Pinterest including this handy board I’ve made.
  3. Give journal writing a try. I’m sure we all have those angsty teenage diaries that are cringe-worthy now. But if it can work for our younger selves to work out a few issues it could also help now. Whenever I’m feeling particularly overwhelmed writing in a journal really helps to work out the thoughts and feelings I’m having to make better sense of them.
  4. Finally start work on that big dream you have. I’ve always toyed around with the idea of opening a brick and mortar store. So I took one of my numerous empty journals and am using it for ideas and inspiration. It’s super helpful to put ideas in one place so I’m not just putting them out into the universe with no hope of ever recovering them when the time comes that I need them. Think of whatever dream or plan you’ve wanted to pursue and make a dedicated notebook for it.
  5. Create a gratitude journal and write a few lines every day about what you’re thankful for. This is a perfect way to lead a more positive, focused life and to rid yourself of daily negativity.
  6. Put together a travel scrapbook with all those ticket stubs and pamphlets from that last trip you took. Give each location/event its own page and paste down any souvenirs you may have. Then write in some thoughts about the experience. 
  7. Start a letter notebook with a friend. Write a few pages to your friend and mail the book to them. They’ll write their thoughts and send it back. In a few months you’ll have a back and forth log conversation. This is great for a significant other who’s long distance or keeping in touch with friends.
  8. Write unsent letters to work out your emotions. Maybe you’re upset with your boss or a family member. Use the notebook to write out your thoughts and feelings so you don’t bottle them up and let them explode in the worst possible way. Of course you’ll want to keep this notebook well hidden so it doesn’t fall into any unwanted hands. Maybe make a ceremony of destroying it once it’s done!
  9. Use a notebook for daily to do lists. That way you aren’t constantly trying to hunt down that scrap of paper you wrote on. They’ll be all in once place and you can transfer to do list items from day to day if you don’t happen to complete them
  10. Write letters to the future. To your future self, your future kids, your current kids, your significant other. This would be a very fun project to look back on ten years down the road and see where you were at in life. 
So let’s all stop hoarding those notebooks and put them to good use!
What ways do you use up empty notebooks?