Styling a Coffee Table on a Budget
Styling a Coffee Table on a Budget

One of my favorite things to do is shop around for a good home decor deal. There’s just something about interiors that makes me never want to spend anywhere near full price to get a look I want. I’ve been tackling our living room recently and it’s drummed up some ideas and tips on how to style a coffee table on a budget.
First things first, the table. I found ours for only $150 on Amazon and I couldn’t be more thrilled with it. It’s rustic, industrial, while still working with a modern style house. Assembly was a snap and the quality is just as good as stores selling something similar for double the price. Amazon is a fabulous place to find affordable pieces that are still high quality. A lot of our guest bedroom came from Amazon. Plus this way I don’t have to drag items out of the back of my car; they’re delivered to me.
As for styling the table, a tray of some sort is a must. I found a lot of my items from Hobby Lobby, but any discount home decor store will also do. Be sure to get a tray that doesn’t overwhelm the table by being too large, but don’t get anything too small that disappears on the top. 
Decorate your tray with something that has height (cactus ceramic is from Hobby Lobby), something living, a candle, and something of interest. I’m still on the hunt for something of interest, but having this variety keeps the table engaging while not looking overly matchy-matchy.
Keep it simple. Don’t overwhelm the table with bits and bobs making it so it no longer can be used to set drinks. A coffee table’s ultimate goal is to keep you and your guests comfortable in your living space. A crowded coffee table can distract, become a dangerous obstacle, or take away from the inviting space you’re trying to create.
My biggest tip? Use things you already have. I popped a few board games on the bottom shelf to add more interest and color while providing a conversation starter. So many people have asked us about the board games (Junking, Alhambra, and Five Tribes) and it usually leads us to playing one of them. So include any interesting books you might have, travel trinkets, or mementos. Don’t forget to have fun with it. Your house shouldn’t feel like it could belong to anyone. It should feel like your home, so include any quirky items (like a little gnome in the plant) to make the space special.
What are some of your tips and tricks to styling a coffee table?