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Your Home | An Extension of You

This has been something I've been thinking about a lot lately. We live in a neighborhood of very established homeowners with picture perfect, enviable houses. Seriously. Straight of of a catalog beautiful. And I know I could easily thrift pieces and create a home very similar (for less of course), but I've decided against it. Sure I would love for a home so well put together, thoughtful, and gorgeous, but I can have that without losing the quirk of who Alex and I are.

So I've been abandoning the Instagram-perfect look for something more, us. Gilmore Girls Funko Pop Figurines are in our hallway, board games are floating around in our living room. I have one too many squishies on display. And it feels great. I love our house even more with these little touches here and there. I worried our quirkiness would take away from the aesthetic of our home, but it adds to it in so many ways. 

Now when you walk into our home, you know it belongs to us. It doesn't feel like it could be anyone's home anymore. It belongs to two board game geeks who love comic books and kawaii things. 

I know it's hard when we're constantly seeing picture-perfect homes, but making your home an extension of you will be so much more fulfilling in the long run. The knicknacks on your shelves will mean something to you rather than being just a handful of trinkets you picked up from a craft store. It's all about finding that perfect balance and I think I've finally started to find ours.

What items in your home make your house, yours?

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