Erin Condren Spring Seasonal Surprise Box Review
When Erin Condren announced the release of a seasonal subscription box, I couldn’t click order fast enough. The first box definitely exceeded my expectations and guaranteed that I would be getting the next one. 
The Spring box feels like the subscription is settling into it’s own. The first one had to be beyond amazing to set the bar and the second one clearly shows that they’ll maintain a level of quality and quantity. Subscription boxes seem to go big with the first one and peter out quickly, but it’s obvious that this box is going to try its best to keep it up. I’m pleased.
The Floral Ink pattern is super popular in this box and I actually like it a lot more than I did when I first saw the design on the website. There’s a cute floral ink blank greeting card, a medium lined notepad, and a new On-The-Go Address Book that has to be one of my favorites from the box. I had been wanting something smaller than my normal address book so I can bring it with me on trips to send postcards. Dreams answered. 
There are two sticker sheets as well which I think really help to beef up the amount in the box. I’m pretty sure I’ll have all the sticker sheets they’ve come out soon. Now to actually use them. Nothing makes me hoard stickers like Erin Condren products.
Probably my most favorite item from this season’s box is the soon-to-be-released hardbound notebook. I got to peek this product at Plannercon last week and have been smitten ever since. They’re releasing March 30th in ten different colors and I’m not even ashamed to admit that I’ll probably get close to all of them in one fell swoop. They’re perfect to jot notes in on-the-go and during meetings. Plus if I own a bunch of them I won’t feel bad scribbling in one or two.
Another pleasant surprise in the box was the art print. It’s already happy in its new home in our guest bedroom. The box also included a 40% off art prints coupon so it’s already on my to do list to look for more home decor pieces or future gifts.
Finally the box included a set of rose colored sticky corners to compliment the blue and red sets they already have in stock. Plus mini magnetic bookmarks that have me all sorts of happy. Magnetic bookmarks are my go to paper-holding method so having tiny ones is just perfection.
Overall the seasonal surprise boxes are definitely worth the $35 price. You get a ton of high-quality products you’re likely to actually use at a cheaper price than buying them all yourself. Plus there are box exclusives you won’t find on the website and you get other products before anyone else. You can even save $10 on the next one by clicking here. I’ll definitely be ordering the next one.
What do you think of this season’s surprise box?