It’s been quiet on the blogging front lately as I took a break for our recent trip to San Francisco. All my pre-trip time was spent getting our shop in order rather than scheduling posts. We’re happily back in the cold mitten now and I can finally reflect on the whirlwind that was PlannerCon 2017.
So much happened. Like, beyond the actual workshops and speakers themselves. We met dozens of amazing subscribers and Helloigans between workshops and honestly the entire experience was a blur. Of course the peak moment of the entire event has to be when I got to meet Erin Condren. I was surprisingly calm and collected when I met her. Alex cried. Two types of people I guess. It’s just such a strange experience to meet the person you basically owe your life to. Without her planner and products we wouldn’t have our business. No business means no home. So it was great to be able to thank her and tell her about our life thanks to her company. She even ended up mentioning us in her key note address the next day. We fangirled. Harder than we’ve ever fangirled before.
It was literally the perfect long weekend. Not only did I get to hang out with fellow planner obsessed people, I also finally got to go to San Francisco. It’s been on the top of my realistic travel wishlist for years and there I was, walking to Pier 39 and seeing the Painted Ladies. I’m pretty sure I got sick the last couple of days in order to make the entire weekend more life-like; it was just too perfect.
So now we’re back in the tundra that is Michigan with tons of planner swag and more ideas than we know what to do with. We’re mulling around the idea of hosting a planner conference in Chicago next year, have loads of new product ideas, and are reaching out to business friends we made at the event. The weekend came and went faster than I could have ever imagined and I couldn’t be more thankful for the entire experience.
If you want to watch the vlogs and see what we got up to they’re all conveniently located below!
We’re currently off to help my parents move across the state, so blogging will likely return sometime next week as things start to (hopefully) settle down. Keep your eyes peeled for a PlannerCon related giveaway coming too!