What to Pack for a Planner Conference
We are just mere days away from heading to San Francisco for PlannerCon and I’m in full-blown packing mode. It feels like ages since I’ve flown anywhere so I’m taking the entire process very seriously. Plus I’ve never packed so many planner supplies before and I must say I’m pretty jazzed about it. So whether or not you have a planner conference to attend soon or just want a nosy look at what I’m bringing, here are the dets.
Honestly I’m not bringing much. From my experience hosting a planner meetup, people bring too many supplies that they never will use. I’m keeping things simple and to the basics of what I use most. I won’t be bringing my entire washi tape collection or a dozen different pens. Chances are I won’t find myself doing that much planning at the conference anyway. 
I’m of course bringing my current Erin Condren Life Planner with relevant cover. Although I doubt I’ll be making a lot of to do lists during the trip, I figured my Rifle Paper Co Agenda should come too just in case inspiration strikes during one of the workshops and I want to plan out my next big project (hint: I want to create note page sticker options). I also am bringing a small notebook to jot down any ideas or notes from speakers.
I’ll also be bringing two pairs of each of my favorite pens, just in case. Nothing would be worse than having a pen die at a planner conference. The shame.
Although I won’t be bringing my entire stash of washi, I will be bringing some samples of my favorites to swap with fellow washi lovers. No need to tote twenty pounds of tape across America when a few feet of each style will do!
I must admit I do plan on bringing my entire sticker stash in my accordion file though. It’s small enough to easily tuck into a suitcase and it’ll be nice to have my favorite type of supplies around if I do find some time to plan. I keep my sticker collection a reasonable size for this very occasion!
I’m so nervously excited for PlannerCon that I’m sure I’m forgetting something. If you can think of anything, pop it into the comments.