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Planner Peace Doesn't Exist

Planner Peace Doesn't Exist

Planner Peace Doesn't Exist

Planner Peace Doesn't Exist

Planner Peace is quite the popular buzz term in the planner community. People shout it around like they've found the answer to life's mysteries. I've even been known to speculate that I've found planner peace as well. But you know what? It doesn't exist.

I think it's more realistic to say that you've found a system that works for you at that current point in time. But to declare that you've found total "planner peace" is just setting yourself up to be a hypocrite a few weeks later when you're in yet another planner or reorganizing your sticker stash for the hundredth time. It's going to happen. And you shouldn't fight it. Because planner peace is made up and won't help you in the long run anyway.

Here's why. You should change up your planning system if the current one stops working for you. Sure it might have been an amazing planner for a few months or even years and it helped you through a bunch of tough assignments or a crazy time at work. But there isn't one planner system out there for you that'll solve all your organizational problems for the rest of your life. Your planner needs change and adapt as you face different challenges, so your planner should too.

Now you don't need a thousand different planners to just complicate your life more. But you should be willing to adapt depending on what kind of planner you need at a specific point in your life. I think we all know this already too. We kid ourselves thinking that this one particular planner is the best ever and we'll never change. It's a fool's dream to try and achieve some sort of planner nirvana before everyone else does. 

So accept that although you love a system now, you may not love it forever. You'll find greater happiness in the long run in accepting the inevitable planner-switching future that's ahead of you rather than proclaiming Planner Peace and pigeon-holding yourself. You change all the time. It's silly to think your planner won't have to.

So let's scrap Planner Peace and pursue planner satisfaction instead.

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