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2017-2018 Erin Condren Life Planner Colorful Vertical Review & Flipthrough

It's the happiest day on Earth. Erin Condren Launch Day! A package arrived on my doorstep yesterday filled with gorgeous planner goodies to share with you. So prepare you eyeballs for a lot of photos.

I received the 18-month colorful vertical and the first thing I noticed was paper quality. This planner is seriously thick with quality stock paper starting out and the coil doesn't have too much wiggle run for stickers. I'm sure that'll become an issue as I load things up with stickers, but I tend to jump back and forth between two planners and never really deal with planner bulge. I much rather have thicker, better paper than flimsy stuff. 

The colorful EC has this gorgeous petals pattern throughout; starting with the vellum page at the front of the book. I'm personally a huge fan of this new pattern style and actually switched from neutral to colorful because of it. Plus I have my issues with the neutral options this year. But that's another blog post.

The planner goes into the yearly overview and I'm making it my mission this planner to start using these pages. Since I work from home and don't have any kids, it's going to be a bit harder for me to find a good usage for them, but maybe I'll track sales and travel? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Another page I'm eager to try and use this go around is the twelve boxes for goals page. I think I'll be using mine to write down business accomplishments for each month. So I'll have a nice little record of everything we got up to after the year is over.

One of my absolute favorite features of the new planner is the note section before each month. In year's past it has been just a lined note page, but this year it's broken up in a much more useful way. The four circles up top can be for goals or events to highlight for the upcoming month. There are two lined sections below it for projects and things to remember. And the box at the bottom of the page I'm going to use to put a few Polaroid Zip photos at the end of every month.

The colors of the monthly views seriously pop. It's such a drastic change for me coming back from the neutral that I'm blown away by the vibrancy. Plus they took away the "goals" sidebar and left it just as notes. A subtle touch that I'm a big fan of. 

As for the weekly view, things are basically the same from last year's EC to the new colorful vertical. The watercolor top section is gone and replaced with more of the petal details in the coordinating month colors. They've kept the gorgeous script font and I find the print quality to be so much better than last year. All the words are crisp and clean.

Another fun feature added to this planner pops up in the notes pages in the back of the planner. EC included a few coloring pages! Such a nice touch that'll come in handy when I'm out and about waiting for an appointment or something. 

Even the stickers in the back of the planner got an upgrade to more quality, interesting stickers. These are loads better than the old labels with pre-written items on them, but I must admit I'll miss the "I Voted" one.

If you're disappointed that those labels are gone, they still included two sheets of similar stickers after the decorative pages. I love that these have a white space to write things in rather than just a block of color.

The quality of the 2017-2018 is seriously impressive and I find myself grabbing for the planner just to flip through it again and stare at all the nice features. I can't wait to get my hands on the hourly as well since it's my other favorite layout that I switch back and forth between depending on how busy I feel.

I posted a full review and flip-through of the planner if you haven't gotten enough. Plus a full accessories highlight post will be coming your way tomorrow. Don't forget to use this link if you want to save $10 off your first Erin Condren purchase. Happy Launch Day!

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