Getting out of the house is really important for two people who work from home. So whenever there’s an event or an opportunity to go explore, we take it. It’s become a tradition of ours to head over to the Holland Tulip Festival every year. This year we were particularly interested in checking out the craft show. We’ve been setting up our own booth for upcoming shows and wanted to see how the pros do it. 
Of course it was freezing. It’s always windy and cold during the festival and I have yet to be prepared and dress appropriately. Maybe next year I’ll be adequately prepared. 

In keeping up with the promise I made to myself we brought the camera along and although freezing, took a lot of really fun photos. I always love sharing a camera with Alex. It’s great to feed off of each other’s ideas and see how we can both capture the same event or moment differently.

This photo is my particular favorite. I wish I could take credit for it, but Alex spent a good five minutes setting up the shot.

It’s crazy to think that a year from now we may have our own booth at the Tulip Festival Craft Show. It’s thinking about things like that, that make me realize just how far we’ve come as a company. And how far I’ve come as an introverted person to want to actually interact with people in real life. It’s exciting to imagine people looking at our products and experiencing them in real life. Now here’s hoping it’s not freezing cold next year.