I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately on a personal level and figured if I’m experiencing it, I’m sure someone else is too. You hear it all the time about going to the gym and getting healthy, but “making the time” should be applied to a lot more than just working out.
I seriously enjoy photography. I love the challenge of setting up a shot, making sure the lighting is right, and capturing a moment in the exact way I’ve envisioned it. Even when the photo doesn’t work out and I have to start over, it’s exciting to see if I can accomplish it. Every time I pull out the camera to take blog photos I think, “Man, I should do this more often.” And I should.
Whether you’re actually busy or just feel that way, if you wish you had more time to do something, you can make the time. Watch one less episode on Netflix or skip watching Buzzfeed recipe videos on Instagram. Carve out a chunk of time in your schedule every week that’s uninterrupted of other things, even if it’s just for thirty minutes. There’s always a way to squeeze out a few extra minutes in a day or a week to do something that brings you joy.
So I’m going to work on taking the time to do more photography. Flat-lay photography is kind of my thing, but I don’t want to be a one-trick pony. I want to push myself to try new methods, new subjects, and new environments. I remember the first few weeks when I picked up a camera. I hadn’t a clue what I was doing for high school newspaper class, but I took photos of anything and everything. Sure a lot of them were of flowers, but you have to start somewhere.
So this is your reminder to do more of the things you love. Knit more. Read more. Bake more. Sing more. Whatever it is that gives your life passion and excitement. Do more of it.