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Life Lately

With me making it my mission to start taking more photographs, I'm hoping these posts become a lot more frequent. It's one of my favorite ways to catch up on what's been going on outside the normal topics I blog about. 

We recently released our first batch of postcards and honestly I made them mostly for myself. I've been an avid postcard enthusiast for years and it feels so cool to have our designs on little snail mail slices of heaven. I already have a long list of people I'm sending them too because I'm too damn proud. 

My sticker stash has gotten seriously out of hand lately so I recently destashed it to a fraction of what it was in a two part video series. Two parts. It was just that long. I'm so much happier with my collection now and I have stickers I actually use and enjoy using. Plus it means I can do a ton of giveaways on my Facebook page and Instagram over the next few months to give all my destash goodies to people who could actually use them. 

Honestly no Life Lately post would be complete without a photo of Tardis. He always hangs around when I'm taking blog photos so I basically take a new shot of him every week or so. He's too dang dapper for his own good. I mean I even made him his own Instagram for pete's sake. 

Alex has been playing around a lot with sublimation lately and although I've loved everything he's been creating, the onesie he made as a custom order blew my mind. It was his first attempt at an all-over sublimation and it turned out amazing. The colors are so impressive and I can't believe just how far he's come in only a few months of sublimating. We're hard at work expanding into makeup bags and pencil cases and I'm heart-eye emoji-ing on a daily basis.

Over the weekend my sister got married! Although she's having her official wedding on a cruise we're taking at the end of May, they had the legal ceremony a month before with just family in attendance but of course I had to vlog it. Alex became ordained for the ordeal so he could preform the ceremony for them and I thought he did an amazing, thoughtful job. They wrote their own vows and Kristy used an Erin Condren card I gave her as a gift from my wedding. It was just a really nice night.

There's been so much going on over here lately that I'm glad for these posts to catch you guys up on things you may not have seen or known about. Plus they're always fun for me to look back on too. Win win.

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