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My Top 3 Favorite New Erin Condren Accessories

My Top 3 Favorite New Erin Condren Accessories

The day after an Erin Condren Launch always feels like the day after Christmas. Still overwhelmed by all the goodies and planning out what to do with everything once it arrives. I wanted to dedicate yesterday's post solely to the magic that is the colorful, vertical ECLP, but today it's all about the accessories.

I'm a sucker for stickers (surprise, surprise) so of course the Designer Sticker Book Edition 3 had to join my collection. I may or may not have every single one of the sticker books available. I'm both proud and ashamed. This one has a great mix of planner friendly stickers as well as a bunch of to/from label stickers for gifts. I just love how versatile EC products are for a bunch of different purposes.

My Top 3 Favorite New Erin Condren Accessories

I had no idea about these tall sticky notepads until this one showed up in my PR box. I'm officially obsessed. It has an adhesive tab on the back so you can place it anywhere in your planner, including on the ruler that comes with it. They're nice and tall and skinny to fit in the sidebar of the monthly view or on a weekly spread. Plus the adhesive on the sticky note extends almost half way down the sheet so it won't go anywhere when placed.

My Top 3 Favorite New Erin Condren Accessories

At first I thought the new Planny Pack was a bit of a gimmicky product, but now that I have experienced it first-hand I've completely changed my mind. It goes onto the planner easily, has a lot of space in the zipper pouch for pens, and there's even a back pocket for stickers or sticky notes. I'm looking forward to really putting it to the test when I go on the cruise in a few weeks.

There are tons of other new accessories out there for any type of planner gal, but I find these to be ones that I know I'll actually use rather than just horde in my collection. The entire launch is seriously impressive and my favorite one to date. Oh Erin Condren, you crafty planner queen you.

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