We are leaving on our belated honeymoon/my sister’s wedding cruise in just two days and I am not ready at all. We had the great pleasure of being a part of the Planner Boss Collective sale over the weekend and are still recovering. It’s like getting married. You never believe what people tell you it’s going to be like until it happens to you. We were blown away by the number of orders, but are facing a serious deadline that has caused a series of sleepless, work-filled nights. But I’m rambling.
Regardless of the workload situation, the cruise is happening in mere hours and luckily I started packing early. I don’t plan on bringing a ton of planning supplies with me, but I do want to document the trip better than I have other trips in the past.
I’ll be bringing my ECLP hourly, but stripped down to just the planner itself. I’ve removed all of the extra papers and stickers I had floating around in the back to make it lighter. I’m also bringing a small hardbound notebook because I’m sure being away from work will spark a mountain of new ideas.
I’m also giving the new Planny Pack a serious test out on this trip. It’s going to be what carries the few stickers I’m bringing as well as a couple of pens. So far I’m quite the fan of the accessory, but it’ll be nice to see how it fairs in an actual travel situation.
As for picking the kit I wanted to use for the week, it was a no brainer. The Novel Coffee has the perfect beach-themed weekly kit that I’ve already preplanned out so I don’t have to bring unnecessary sheets with me.
If you want to see what other few sheets I’m planning on bringing with me, I’ve included close ups in today’s video. The key for me is simplicity. Sure there might be a chance I need some obscure sticker to mark some unforeseeable event, but I much rather keep my travel stash small so I’m not toting around a ton of things I might need. I don’t want my planning supplies to hinder the trip, but rather enhance the memory keeping of it.