Treat Yo Self Beauty Products
I’m a firm believer in treat-yo-self days. It’s so easy to get wrapped up in daily tasks and the constant grind that it’s important to stop, appreciate what you’ve accomplished, and give yourself a little treat for a job well done. Just today I bought a pair of strappy sandals I’ve been eyeing for ages as a treat for how hard I’ve been working on Oh, Hello stuff lately. Plus if you put a little pamper into your beauty routine you’ll feel, and look, better. So it’s a win, win.
Oddly enough when I started to gather items for this post I felt myself gravitating away from makeup bits to the lesser appreciated aspects of my beauty routine. Although I’m a huge fan of splurging on makeup every once and a while, I think skincare and hair care are two often overlooked categories in a treat-yo-self spree that definitely should have some light shone on them.
For hair care, nothing says pamper like the Bumble and Bumble Sunday Shampoo. The best clarifying shampoo I’ve found to get all the grime and product out of hair to leave it squeaky clean. At first I felt insane for spending $25 on a shampoo, but I’ve only used it on Sundays for almost eight months and have barely used any of it. It’s definitely going to last me for a very long time and the results will speak for themselves with this one.
The Urban Decay Meltdown Makeup Remover Dissolving Spray is another to add to the next treat-yo-self shopping list. It’s like a setting spray, in reverse. Spritz a bit of this onto a cotton round and it wipes away almost all of your makeup. If I’m being picky I find that a little bit of waterproof mascara has a tendency to linger. It does way better than a lot of my other makeup removers and I always cleanse afterward anyway to make sure any pesky makeup is long gone. If you’re one for a fuss free skincare routine, this is one to add to the lineup. 
For skincare I’ve really been enjoying this Derma-E Hydrating Serum. It’s a brand I haven’t really explored too much, but this serum is a winner. It’s lightweight, soothing, and dissolves quickly into the skin while providing hydration to boot. It almost acts like a moisturizer without packing too much moisture. I always feel so luxurious using it.
Another skincare product that I couldn’t live without is the Origins Drink Up Intensive Overnight Mask. If my skin is feeling tight or dry I use this once and I wake up with hydrated, dewy skin. It’s seriously a miracle worker. Although it feels like a bit of a splurge whenever I purchase a new one, I’ll do it every time for the investment in my skin and the results it gives. 
The IT Cosmetics Je Ne Sais Quoi Hydrating Color Awakening Lip Treatment is one of those products I couldn’t believe the price of, but after just one usage I completely get the hype of higher end lip balms. This stuff makes all my other lip balm options pale in comparison. It hydrates my lips without feeling greasy or heavy, but stays on for a long time making sure they’re protected from the crazy winds we’ve been having lately. It also provides a little pop of color on days I don’t really want to bother with lipstick. 

Nothing feels like a treat-yo-self purchase quite like picking up a new makeup brush. If you’re feeling the urge to spend some cash my current favorite is the IT Cosmetics #702 Brush. The bristles are the softest I’ve ever felt and so incredibly packed together that applying foundation is so easy. I can quickly buffer everything out and it leaves such a nice finish to the skin. The handle is heavy and the brush feels worth the investment.
So if you’re feeling particularly spendy or want to celebrate an accomplishment with a little treat, these beauty products would be a fabulous place to start. What are some of your go-to treat-yo-self categories?