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Urban Decay Cosmetics Meltdown Makeup Remover & Rehab Makeup Prep Collection

Urban Decay Cosmetics Meltdown & Rehab Prep Collection

Urban Decay Cosmetics Meltdown & Rehab Prep Collection

Urban Decay Cosmetics Meltdown & Rehab Prep Collection

Urban Decay Cosmetics Meltdown & Rehab Prep Collection

Urban Decay is one of those brands that it's easy to love. They have amazing makeup products, a huge range to choose from, and they're just edgy enough to make you feel like a bad ass. So when they launched their Meltdown Makeup Remover and Rehab Makeup Prep collections, I was all in.

It seems like a lot of makeup brands are getting into the skincare game lately and vice versa. I'm digging it. The packaging is seriously gorgeous and high quality. There are tons of products in these two ranges and a lot of them are serious winners. Here's the rundown.

Let's talk Meltdown Makeup Remover range first. My favorite of the range that I've tried has to be the Cleansing Oil Stick. It's literally what it says on the tin. It kind of looks like a deoderant stick of sorts that you rub all over your face, add a bit of water, and massage all your makeup away. First application felt weird and unnatural, but after I saw the results I got over that quickly. It removes face makeup with no trouble at all and nearly gets all of the eye makeup. Enough anyway to suit my fancy as I often double cleanse anyway. It doesn't really have a scent to it (which I prefer) and washes away to leave skin feeling clean and not grimy.

The Dissolving Spray is like my favorite setting spray from the brand, but in reverse. You spray it onto a cotton ball and gently wipe away makeup. This is a good first step before moving into the Cleansing Oil Stick as it really helps to move waterproof eye makeup. It's super gentle and also doesn't really have much of a scent to it. 

The Lip Oil Stick helps to remove any seriously on there lipsticks, lip stains, and anything in between. Plus it helps to moisturize the lips which I desperately need after a long day wearing a bold lip or a lip pencil. The packaging is well thought out and you get a load of product in the tiny glass container. Definitely something to have on hand if you often go for a darker or matte lip.

The Rehab Makeup Prep is where things get interesting. First up is the Pretty Gritty Skin Polish which literally looks like sand in the bottle. Once water is and it becomes a seriously impressive exfoliate that isn't too harsh on the sensitive parts of my skin. It helps clear away dead skin and any remaining grime from the day before. I tend to need a pretty solid moisturizer after it since I have pretty dry skin, but that's always the case with exfoliate or mask products.

The Pore Refining Peel has to be my favorite from the range since I've never used a peel mask before and am pretty much addicted now. You apply the product to any problem areas, leave for ten minutes, and peel off. You can literally see dirt and grime from pores coming off your face. Disgusting yet oh so satisfying. It's surprisingly quite gentle on the skin for a mask and doesn't leave my skin feeling sensitive or raw.

The Hot Springs Hydrating Gel is a lightweight moisturizer-esque product that adds hydration into the skin, but leaves a really nice base to add makeup on top. At first I thought for sure that meant a silicone feel that I literally detest in primers, but it isn't! It leaves a silky smooth finish without that weird velvety feel of silicone. Score. Paired with my favorite primer I can noticeably see my foundation applying better and leaving a smoother, more natural finish.

Lip Love is a seriously decadent lip moisturizer that makes me forget instantly all those years of using Vaseline as to not spend too much money. I was never one for a higher end lip balm, but this is really converting me. It feels so luxurious on the lips while smelling divine and adding a ton of moisture. The tube is made of really nice, sturdy plastic so everything will stay safe if you throw it into a purse or bag. I think I'll probably need five more tubes.

Overall the Urban Decay skincare range is seriously impressive. I'm always a bit hesitant when a brand launches into a new product category they weren't originally in, but UD does it with class and ease. It's like they've been doing it all along. The range is really well priced for a higher-end brand and comes in a handful of dollars cheaper than comparable brands like Origins. If I had to pick just a few things to try from the range I'd definitely recommend the Cleansing Oil Stick, Pore Refining Peel, and Lip Love. Now excuse me while I go wash my face...again.

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