Why I No Longer Have a Designated Office Space
Over the weekend I moved all of my things out of the office space we have on the second floor of our house. I had been thinking about it for a while and finally decided to commit to no longer having a designated office space. And so far I’ve been loving it.
It all boils down to the fact that I just wasn’t using the space. I would only trudge up the stairs to film a video every once and a while and didn’t find myself lingering much longer after filming finished. It became a room to hold my knick-nacks and planner collection and not much else. It felt like I was taking the space for granted and wasn’t using it to its fullest potential.
Plus I didn’t need it.
I’m the type of person who much rather work at the dining room table, on the couch, or in bed. The majority of my scholarly and work accomplishments have been achieved while bed-desking. I wrote my entire thesis in bed, I started Oh, Hello snuggled under the blankets. I’m a much happier and more productive person when I have the ability to move from place to place and work wherever the mood strikes. I completely understand how office spaces are valuable and work wonders for people, but for me it’s just not necessary. 
So I moved all of my supplies into the closet in the finished guest bedroom. The closet previously only housed a couple of spare pillows and an always empty laundry hamper. I find closets in guest bedrooms to be a bit pointless as most of the time guests will never ever use it. So I toted all of my things down the stairs and set up base. The move downstairs helped me to downsize my collection, really think about what mattered to me, and helped me to focus on organization.
We still aren’t entirely sure what to use the upstairs space for since I basically up and vacated it out of the blue. It’s the kind of space that will likely transition as our family grows, but currently we’re contemplating moving up Alex’s photography studio from the bowels of the basement. That way if he ever does photo shoots for anyone it’ll be a much more enjoyable location. 
I’ll likely do a full tour of my closet storage space once I’m finally settled in completely and if there’s any sort of interest. I may add a small desk into our master bedroom at some point when I start work on finishing the decor in that room, but for now I’m quite content being a nomad in our house ready to work anywhere.