There’s just something about a small makeup bag/clutch that I can’t seem to get enough. I probably own a good twenty of them. And sure I definitely need to cut it back a little, but there are a ton of other ways to make use of all those little bags you’re hoarding beyond just storing makeup.

How to Use Makeup Bags Beyond Storing Makeup
Store planner supplies. These little cases are perfect for toting around a few pens, scissors, and your must have planning accessories. It’s so much better than just throwing those items into the bottom of a bag and having to dig around for them later.
Create a mini walking pharmacy and first aid kit full of must-haves. Include things like Tylenol, band-aids, hair ties, wet-ones, and scissors. Add things depending on what you or your family may need so you’re never without anything. Plus just like the planner supplies option, it’s easy to transfer the kit from one bag to another.
Along the same lines, it’s always helpful to have feminine pads and tampons tucked away in little pouch. So many times I’ve had girlfriends ask me if I have one and it always makes life easier to have a few on hand. 

How to Use Makeup Bags Beyond Storing Makeup
Turn one of your spare makeup bags into an electronics holder. That way your headphones aren’t making a mess in the bottom of your bag and you have all your chargers and accessories right by the electronic device. This could also work for kindles or small e-readers as well. I personally use one to store all of my Polaroid Zip items so I don’t have to run around searching for more paper or a pair of scissors to cut out my photos.
Use makeup bags to make packing easier. I always have a makeup bag filled with our usual travel toiletries. It’s so much easier than having to dig around our drawers trying to find everything we normally need. This way I’m not forgetting anything and if I’m in a rush to pack, it’s basically already done ahead of time. You can also use makeup bags to section of packing. Use one for socks, one for underwear, one for medicine bottles, you name it. Makeup bags come in all shapes and sizes so you’re sure to be able to have something you can use already on hand.
I figured we could all use a post justifying our massive collections of little makeup bags and clutches. And the next time you feel the impulse to pick up a cute one you see at a stationery shop, you’ll have a good reason to.
What are some ways you re-purpose makeup bags?