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Beauty Empties I've Already Repurchased

It seems like ages since I've done an empties post and the products have definitely stacked up. I must say that there is a ton of satisfaction in dumping out a huge bin full of empties into a garbage can after taking the post photo. Almost too much satisfaction.

All of these empties I've already repurchased save one. The Laura Mercier Silk-Creme Foundation just wasn't the right color or coverage for me. No matter how hard I tried to make this work I always looked like I had caked on makeup. It found its way into this empties post because the product went off rather than me finishing it up. Such a bummer.

The rest of the products are downright amazing and I would recommend a hundred times over. I've repurchased every single thing and even have a few more tubes of the IT Cosmetics CC Cream on the way from Sephora so I have the right shade for when winter sadly returns and my tan fades away with the sunlight. 

I'm not going to carry on about how much I love all of these gems because I'm sure they'll continue to pop up time and time again in other beauty posts. So more or less this is me just tuning in to prove that I do in fact use products up. *Pats self on back*

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