It’s been a whopping three days since we returned from our cruise and it honestly feels like we never left. We dove right back into work like nothing had changed. Although I would have much rather stayed out at sea for another year or two, I felt excited to get back to work. It’s a whole lot easier when what you do for a living doesn’t really feel like work, but not all of us can be so fortunate.
I think what truly helped the most at giving me motivation to get back to work after travelling is the fact that I didn’t think about work at all the entire time we were away. It definitely helped that I had no internet or cell phone reception the entire time. It was quite the welcomed social media break that left me feeling refreshed and untainted by trying to keep up with what everyone else is doing. I’m strongly considering implementing social media breaks on a monthly basis. Everything I do for a living is online and I’m never really not working unless I turn everything off.
When we got back within cell phone reception it all came flooding back. We had quite a few orders from throughout the week and everything we had on our plates still remained on our plates. It honestly felt like we hit pause on our real lives for a week. Lovely, but now incredibly daunting.
The best way to tackle anything is to make a to do list. So we did. Then I proceeded to do all the easy things on the list first (classic) and work my way up to the bigger tasks. There’s a saying that the only way to eat an elephant is one bite at a time. A bit morbid, but completely true. 
The best way to find motivation to get back to work? Thinking about how hard work now means more vacations in the future. That got my butt in gear!
How do you find motivation after a break or vacation?