The cruise ended much too quickly and I’m now back home wondering if it’s too soon to book another one. Although I’ve had a planner during travel in the past, this was the first trip I really hunkered down to figure out a system to document the adventures. Plus I filmed a before and after video to show you what I completed before we set sail and what I added afterward.
My biggest advice for travel planning is  don’t complicate things. Keep it as simple as possible. That could mean not bringing any supplies with you at all and doing all the documentation once you’re back. I kept my supplies to a minimum, but probably only took out my planner twice during the entire week. You shouldn’t worry about planning and documenting while on your trip. If it doesn’t happen, don’t sweat. You can always do it when you get back.
Before you leave on your adventure, write down where you’re going at the top of the planner. Just writing out our ports helped me immensely in remembering them even when I didn’t have my planner around. Plus it helps to give your spread an outline during the trip.
Add in what you do know. Leave space for what you don’t. Put in any information from itineraries that you know is going to occur, but be sure to leave room for trip spontaneity. 
My favorite thing about travel planning is adding photos. I’m a dreadful scrapbooker, so being able to add photos into my spread helps me get around that fault of mine so I can look back and see what we got up to. It’s a super easy way to round out a travel spread and adds a lot more value to your planner. Decorative planning is basically daily scrapbooking after all.
How do you document travel in your planner?