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25 Planner Related Blog Posts to Write Today

25 Planner Related Blog Posts to Write Today

This blog has definitely become more planner heavy these past few months. It's a passion and an addition. If you're also as obsessed with planning as I am, here are 25 planner related blog posts you can write today.

  1. My Planning Style - Are you into no white space? Love functional? Share it!
  2. How I Stay Organized - What planners do you use? Do you also use an online calendar?
  3. 10 Planner Hacks to Make Planning Your Days Easier - Share your secrets
  4. How to Store Your Planner Stickers - File folders? Binders? What are your tips?
  5. Best Places to Find Stickers - In store? Online?
  6. How to Use Leftover Stickers from Kits - Those pesky leftover stickers need to be put to good use!
  7. My Planning Evolution - Show your first spreads and your most recent ones!
  8. Top 5 Favorite Etsy Shops - make sure you include Oh, Hello!
  9. Organizational Tips for My Younger Self - What planner advice do you wish you knew before?
  10. How to Plan for Other People - What's it like to plan for kids, significant others, etc.
  11. Essential Planning Supplies - What planner supplies are a must?
  12. Planner Supplies You Don't Need - What planner supplies can you do without?
  13. Planning for School - Show how to use certain planners to plan for school.
  14. Different Ways to Use the Monthly Spread - Use your monthly spread for homework, travel, chores, etc. Show different ways to use it.
  15. Planning Supply Wishlist - What planner supplies are you coveting lately?
  16. My Thoughts On Planner Peace - Does it exist?
  17. Favorite Character/Doodle Stickers - Blobby is a definite must.
  18. Planning for Vacations - How do you use your planner to plan for trips?
  19. How to Get Out of a Planning Rut - Share your tips for re-finding planner inspiration.
  20. Planning Challenges - Challenge yourself to plan differently and share the results.
  21. Top 5 Favorite Planner Spreads - Share photos of your favorite planner spreads.
  22. Planning Starter Pack - What stickers would you recommend to someone getting started?
  23. How to Organize Sticker Freebies - How do you make sure you're using up freebie stickers?
  24. Project Sticker Use-Up - Challenge yourself to use up your sticker stash!
  25. How Planning Has Changed Your Life - Share your planning story.
Save this list and you'll never be without ideas for planner related posts! Leave more post suggestions in the comments!

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New Beauty Favorites

Spring and summer always have a way of bringing a lot of new beauty bits into my life. I've been feeling all about the rosy shades lately! Here's what I've been loving.

The Urban Decay Rehab Makeup Prep Pore Refining Peel felt seriously odd the first time I used it as I'm not one to gravitate towards peeling masks. It applied clear so was a bit difficult to peel back up after it dried, but once it started it did serious wonders to clean out my pores. My skin didn't feel dry or tight after use. A little went a long way too so I'll have this tube around for a while.

I've been a lover of the Je Ne Sais Quoi Lip Treatment for quite a while now so when I found out it now comes in a "Rose" shade I went a little crazy. It has everything the original does, but with a gorgeous darker wash of color. It's still incredibly sheer on the lips, but I just love that it adds a little something more on top of serious hydration.

The elf Contour Brush is another product I've been reaching for lately to help add a bit more definition to the face. It's a bit of a stark line at first application, but the brush does a really good job at blending things out.

I fall in and out of love with lip liners quite regularly, but there's currently a special place in my heart for the Maybelline Color Sensational Shaping Lip Liner in "125 Magnetic Mauve." It's of course one of those "my lips but better shades," but it seriously helps to beef up the lasting power of any lipstick I put on top of it. And once the lipstick finally does fade away, the liner is still in place adding color to the lips. This range isn't drying, but I do like to put a lip balm on when I start my makeup routine, before I add this to my lips to make things extra hydrating.

The Urban Decay Meltdown Makeup Remover Cleansing Oil Stick is a seriously odd product at first usage. It feels like you're almost rubbing a deodorant like product across your face, but it seriously does the trick at taking off makeup. It has a nice, gentle lather and washes away clean. I'm still not 100% on board with the packaging and application process, but I do really love how well this works.

Although we're deep into summer now I still have yet to get that much sun so I've been using makeup to fake like I haven't spent ages indoors. The IT Cosmetics Confidence in Your Glow in "Instant Warm Glow" helps to add more color to my skin without making me look orange or like I'm trying too hard. I use a fluffy brush and blend all the shades together and brush over my entire face. I also like to use select sections for blush, bronzer, and highlighter if I'm feeling fancy. The pigmentation is super buttery and it applies lightly to the skin without being too much.

What products have you been loving lately?

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My Quest to Set Better Goals

Everyone always talks about the importance of setting goals, but I'm basically rubbish at it. I've never been good at writing goals down and I'm even worse at checking back in to see progress. That's no excuse to not set goals though. So I'm working my butt off to be better at it. I'm on a quest of sorts.

Lucky for me it seems like Erin Condren sensed my silent plea for better goal management when the new planners came with a spiffy new monthly notes page. It screams "track your goals here" and I'm trying just that. With July nearly over and my first attempt at better goal tracking nearing its close, I definitely still have a lot to learn. But I'm improving.

The most notable realization I gained from the first month is the difference between hopes and goals. This month I had "hoped" to film more Kawaii Bunny videos. When in reality, it wasn't a goal I felt really passionate about. I wrote it down as a goal hoping the process would motivate me to do it. Really it just added more pressure to my busy schedule and made me feel like I let myself down when I couldn't accomplish it. So for August I'm going to work on more obtainable, realistic goals for projects I'm already working on. That way I'm not trying to veer off in a random direction, but rather continue to focus on things I'm already doing.

I also need to learn how to celebrate completed goals. Although Kawaii Bunny ended up not being a very great goal, the other three goals I set for myself were. I accomplished all of them, yet I didn't celebrate it. Giving yourself a pat on the back is important, regardless of how silly or small your goals may be.

So I continue this quest to set better goals. I keep the SMART goals list in the back of my mind, but I also want to focus on goals that work towards self-care as well. It's so easy to constantly focus on work, but taking care of myself should also be on the list.

Do you have any advice on how to set goals? What types of goals are you currently working towards?
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Why I Stopped Filming Weekly Plan with Me Videos

If you've been keeping up with my YouTube channel over the past few years, you would have noticed a big change that started recently. I stopped filming weekly plan with me videos. It wasn't an easy decision to make and a lot of people miss the rambling weekly videos, but I'm happy with the direction my channel is heading now. But here's why I stopped in the first place.

I wasn't enjoying planning anymore. There's a big difference between laying in bed planning out the week ahead, and filming the process. There's so much more work involved to do a weekly spread when I'm filming it every single week. Lights have to be set up, cameras charged and put to the right settings. Planning became a production that seemed more like work than fun. 

Plus I felt like every video week after week started to look the same. I tend to plan the same way week after week, and although that's perfectly fine for me, that doesn't make for interesting footage.

I started to feel bad if I used another one of my kits if I had used one the week before. I had convinced myself people thought I was just peddling my shop's stickers, rather than just enjoying the planning process with a kit I wanted to use. Whether this is true or not, I constantly found myself trying to use a variety of sticker kits, regardless of if I really wanted to or not. I avoided stickers I enjoyed using just to make sure no one was keeping score. That's not what planning is about.

So I turned off the camera for a few weeks. I planned when I wanted to and used the stickers I wanted to. And I'm loving it. Planning feels like how it did when I first started. It's no longer an video obligation every week, but just something to de-stress with and plan out my life. 

Plus it feels like everyone and their sister is filming the same plan with me video every single week. So I took this plan with me hiatus as a time to figure out how to make plan with me's not so tedious and monotonous week after week. The break lead me to a new type of plan with me. One I haven't seen before. One that's a lot harder to film, but a lot more engaging and rewarding. I just posted the first version of it on my channel.

Sure it's not the same as before and I highly doubt I'll return to that style. My channel is growing and evolving because I'm taking it a lot more serious. I want to put effort and purpose into every one of my videos, not just put up content for content's sake. I love this style of plan with me. It has everything I loved about the old style, plus a refreshing twist. Footage from my daily life.

I also won't be posting these new videos every week. It's likely they'll go up once or twice a month depending on what interesting things I'm getting up to in a particular week so the added vlog footage will be more than me sitting in my robe cutting stickers. 

I'm also well aware that not everyone is going to like this change. I feel bad about that, but at the same time I'm enjoying planning more than I have in over a year. So I'll accept the down vote consequences. It's instances like these that it becomes obvious that you can't please everyone. Sure I want people to enjoy my videos and my channel, but I don't want to have to sell my soul and my creativity in the process. I want to keep improving, changing the typical style of planning videos, and pushing myself not to take the easy way out with videos.

So that's why I stopped filming weekly plan with me videos. Let me know what you think about this new style of plan with me video! Thank you for always supporting me, regardless of the direction I go towards.

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Turning Someday Into Today

I hear it a lot. "Someday we'll move." "Oh, someday I'll start that business." "I'll get to it someday, but I just don't have the time right now." So many people in my life are constantly dreaming about a better future filled with doing things they're passionate about, but they never seem to get any of their dreams off the ground. 

I've taken a lot of career risks for only being twenty-five. Quitting a "stable" job to pursue a career in sticker making isn't exactly logical, but I'm not going to become someone who lives for "someday." And neither should you.

Alex loves the saying, "The best time to plant a tree was twenty years ago, the next best time is today." I'm not saying to quit your day job or achieve your goal in a day, but I think it's important to actually start working towards your goals rather than just talking about them.

Because at the end of the day, it matters more to you whether or not you've done anything you've talked about, than it does to me. The same goes with my friends and family. You're responsible for how your life ends up and if you're not interested in reading a list of regrets at the end of it, I suggest you start now.

So turn someday into today. Start working on that novel you've talked about writing, or start that YouTube channel. Start doing research on opening your own brick and mortar or start taking dance classes. Let's all vow to stop being those people who are constantly dreaming and never bothering to work towards those dreams. Even if it's only a little forward progress each day, at least you're moving.

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How to Stay Organized Working from Home

How to Stay Organized Working from Home

I recently celebrated my two year anniversary for working from home and it got me thinking about all the things I've learned from the experience. There are a ton of pros to the stay-at-home life, but there are also a quite a few things needed in order to stay organized. I highlight all of them in today's video, but I wanted to share a more detailed, written version as well.

The best way to truly stay organized working form home is to have meetings. Whether you work for yourself or someone else, it's super vital to set aside time to meet so you can really focus on what's going on, what projects need to be worked on, and what the other person is up to. 

I also find it helpful to create a weekly to do list and a daily to do list. It's good to have one master list of everything that needs to get done, but it's overwhelming to look at. I like to take that master list and break it up throughout the week into more manageable chunks. That way I'm still getting everything I need done, but it doesn't feel like I have to do it all at once.

Another thing Alex and I have found helpful in our working from home life is to separate work from home by leaving the majority of our working space in the basement. This might not be a possibility for everyone, but being able to close off a work area or tuck away work supplies makes it so you can actually relax when the work day is finally done. 

Although I'm a strong advocate of separating work spaces from home spaces, I don't think that's true when it comes to planners. I strongly suggest not over-complicating things by having more than one planner. Sure it may seem like a good idea to separate everything out into different planners, but over time you'll find it's just too much work to keep up with. Plus you're just one person and will have to do all these things at some point anyway. So might as well put them all in one place to make things easier for you.

Finally, give yourself a schedule throughout the week. Give yourself certain days for certain tasks to give your week more structure. That way you know generally what your week looks like so you can fit things into it accordingly. 

There are tons of factors that go into working from home so if there's anything you're interested in, leave a comment!

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My Blogging Process

My Blogging Process

I've been blogging for about seven years or so and my process has changed a lot since those earlier days blogging on sites I'm happy to forget about. Whether you're just getting started or are a blogging pro, it's always interesting to see other people's processes. I'd love to know about your process in the comments so I can learn how to better mine!

After so many years my process has become second nature. Usually I start off by hunting for inspiration if my content calendar is sparse and needs some post ideas. I follow a lot of lifestyle blogs who write content that's vastly different form mine. Just reading blogs can spark a ton of new, unique ideas. More times than I can count I'm reading a post about someone's weekend trip to New York city and I suddenly have an idea for a planning related post. Inspiration hunting is more about getting into the mindset of blogging than anything else.

Once I have a healthy list of post ideas, I get to content scheduling. Since I run this blog and a YouTube channel I like to try and get my posts and videos to lineup. So if I have a video about how to stay organized working from home on the schedule, I may add in a blog post about the topic as a supplement. I put all of my posts down into my Google Calendar and move them around until they're in an order that makes sense.

Then comes bulk blog photography. Tuesdays are my filming and blogging days so I create all of the content I need for the next week or so that day. Bulk photography is the best way I've found to make sure I get all the photos I need.

Next up is editing the photos which is always a lot faster when I take bulk shots. Since I'm using the same settings on my camera, I'm able to apply the same edits to all of the photos. Then I go in and tweak things here and there for specific photos. My favorite program is Lightroom since it's so easy to do a bunch of photographs at once.

Once I have all my photos figured out, I create a bunch of draft posts and add in the photos. I'll add in blog post titles as well and save them for the next step. I usually find that I have to be in a certain mindset to write posts so I try to do as many as I can once the inspiration strikes. Since all the posts are already drafted, I just open up whatever post I feel like writing and start typing. If I happen to finish the post, I'll schedule it to go live when my content calendar says, or publish it to go live immediately.

The final piece is social media. I always make sure to share the post on my Facebook page and Instagram. I often have more than one photo for a post so I'll choose a couple to spread out over the next few days to keep referencing back to the post. Social media is also the part of my blogging process that I want to improve on. I have so many old posts that I need to work better at referencing. That way my content doesn't vanish to the archives after a few days.

My process isn't overly complicated, but I find that it works best to keep blogging consistently. It's a tried and true method but I'm always trying to hone it in to be even better.

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5 Things to Consider Before Starting an Etsy Shop + Worksheet

5 Things to Consider Before Starting an Etsy Shop

So you're thinking about starting an Etsy shop. When I started Oh, Hello almost three years ago I honestly didn't put much thought into it. I opened shop on a Saturday and learned as time went along with a lot of mistakes along the way. There are five things I wish I considered before starting, and you should too before opening shop. Plus I've created a handy little worksheet you can work through to really hash out all these ideas. I cover all these points in today's video if you fancy a watch.

Above all else, I wish I had given myself a budget to take this new business seriously. So ask yourself, what things do you need to put your best foot forward to get started?

Definitely if you're considering opening a sticker shop, consider what sets your shop apart from the other shops out there already. Do you design all your own artwork? What is it about your shop that would make people want to shop there over another shop? This will really help you have a clear idea of your identity moving forward.

Another incredibly important aspect I basically just winged was choosing a name. Pick a name that's available on all social media sites, but that's also easy to spell correctly. Also pick a name that can grow with your business. Sure it seems easy to just pick your nickname or combine something about your family pet and your favorite color. But if your business starts to take off, you don't want your name to seem silly like The Purple Corgi. At second thought, that's a great name and I call dibs (lol).

Figuring out goals and benchmarks is also something I wished I would have done starting out, and I recommend it for anyone considering owning a shop. Where do you see your company in six months? A year? Figuring out these things in advance can help guide you during the first months of your shop, dictate how much time and energy you need to put into the business, and it'll help you take the entire venture more seriously.

The final thing you really should consider before opening shop is pricing. Take a look at what other shops in your field price their items at. Take into consideration the cost of goods and the time it takes to make your items and really think about how much you should charge for your work. More often than not beginning shops pay themselves so much less than minimum wage for their work just to try and be competitive. It's not worth it if you're working yourself to death.

Opening an Etsy shop is an incredibly exciting thing, but it's important to consider these 5 things to make sure you're getting the most out of the experience. Don't forget to download a copy of the worksheet to answer all of these questions for yourself!

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How to Stand Out in a Crowd Full of Planner People

How to Stand Out in a Crowd Full of Planner People

It wasn't all that long ago that the planning community was itty bitty. Now it's exploded into this huge, wonderful thing, but it's definitely a lot harder to be noticed in such a big crowd. Lucky for me I had a growing business and an established blog to help propel me along, but if you're just getting started it can seem like a lot to wade through. So if you're trying to stand out in a crowd full of planner people, here are a few of my tips and tricks.

Cultivate your own style. People are constantly looking for new ways of planning or to find something different than what they're doing. Whether it's stamping or putting stickers into an uncommon planner, find something to set your planning ways apart from everyone else. And then share those ways. Post regularly about what you're doing so people will stumble upon you more often.

The best way to cultivate your own style is to ignore everyone. The planner community is super big on sharing, I get it. I'm sharing right now and do it regularly on my YouTube channel. But if you're serious about trying to figure out your own style and start to make headway in the community, you can't be constantly watching what other people are doing. It's so easy to get caught up in trends that way and to try and shape your planning to fit someone else's style. The best thing I did was unfollow a lot of the planner people I constantly found myself trying to keep up with. It'll do wonders for your personal planning style and you'll be a lot happier without all that self-imposed competition.

One of the most important things to help you stand out in the planning crowd is to take good photos. Even if they're just for Instagram, make sure your photos are well lit. No one likes a dark photo. Use natural light from a window during the day to get your photos nice and bright. Plus take a bunch of photos at once so you'll have them to post or use for blogging when it gets too dark.

If you really want to start gaining more traction in the planner world, be consistent beyond belief. Give yourself a schedule and stick to it. Even if you're just trying to gain a larger audience on Instagram, post regularly. No one is interested in following someone who posts once every two weeks randomly and then disappears again.

With so much noise in the planner community it's easy to feel like your voice isn't being heard or that no one cares about what you're doing. But don't give up. Try some of these tips and keep planning away. Because at the end of the day you plan because you love it, and other people will see that too.
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derma e Hydrating Serum Review: The Best Serum for Dry Skin

derma e Hydrating Serum Review

Regardless of the time of year my skin is always ridiculously dry. Snake skin has nothing on me. So I've been on quite the hunt to find a good, hydrating skin care routine that doesn't clog my pores or cause me to break out. derma e has created just the thing.

One thing I love about derma e is how they don't mess around with names. The hydrating serum does just what it says on the packaging, which is also really high quality as well. What's most impressive about this serum is how light it is. It's one of the thinnest serums I've ever used, yet provides a ton hydration to my skin. It blends in quickly without a greasy residue and also doesn't have that weird silicone feeling a lot of serums have. Plus it's 100% vegan which makes me feel all sorts of fancy.

It's crazy how light this formula is. I've been using it for months and still can't get over it.

It's like consistency makes it perfect for my summer routine and I'm super curious to see how it stacks up to the cold winter months of even drier skin. So far it's done wonders at increasing moisture throughout the day as I usually find my skin getting drier at night. I find myself using the Origins Drink-Up Intensive Overnight Mask a lot less thanks to this. That mask is super thick and it's nice to give my skin a break from the strong products with something a lot gentler.

If you're in the market for a new serum and are part of the dry skin club, definitely give this one a check out. Skincare is a very personal thing, but with any luck this product can help someone else too!
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Erin Condren's Floral Ink Kimono Review: The Robe for the Non-Believers

Erin Condren's Floral Ink Kimono Review

Erin Condren's Floral Ink Kimono Review

Erin Condren's Floral Ink Kimono Review

I have to admit, I didn't get it. I just couldn't understand the robe lifestyle. So when the new Erin Condren Kimono landed on my doorstep a few days ago, I side-eyed it a bit. Classic Kayla. Always so skeptical of change and something new. Like with most things, I was oh so wrong.

Everything about this robe is perfect. The pattern is downright gorgeous, the material is buttery soft, and the weight of the fabric isn't too heavy for all-year wear. Plus it's a really nice length. I've tried a robe or two in the past and find them just too short for wearing them around the house if there are guests over. I rather avoid any potential embarrassing interactions.

The biggest perk for me? The pockets. What is it about women's clothing that makes them believe that I don't need a pocket? It's perfect to slip my phone in so I can veg around the house in pure comfort. I'm wearing a size Medium in the photos and I love how lightweight and flow-y it feels. 

This would be a fantastic gift for a bride-to-be, for the wedding party, or for a mother-in-law. I already have a few hard-to-shop-for people in mind that this robe would do just the trick.

Now $50 does feel a bit pricey for a robe, but I'm a firm believer in never shopping with Erin Condren without a discount or coupon in hand. You can save $10 off your first purchase if you just have to have this now, but I say wait it out until there's a deal or a good sale. Now excuse me while I continue to putz around lookin' comfortably stylish.

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