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Why I Stopped Filming Weekly Plan with Me Videos

If you've been keeping up with my YouTube channel over the past few years, you would have noticed a big change that started recently. I stopped filming weekly plan with me videos. It wasn't an easy decision to make and a lot of people miss the rambling weekly videos, but I'm happy with the direction my channel is heading now. But here's why I stopped in the first place.

I wasn't enjoying planning anymore. There's a big difference between laying in bed planning out the week ahead, and filming the process. There's so much more work involved to do a weekly spread when I'm filming it every single week. Lights have to be set up, cameras charged and put to the right settings. Planning became a production that seemed more like work than fun. 

Plus I felt like every video week after week started to look the same. I tend to plan the same way week after week, and although that's perfectly fine for me, that doesn't make for interesting footage.

I started to feel bad if I used another one of my kits if I had used one the week before. I had convinced myself people thought I was just peddling my shop's stickers, rather than just enjoying the planning process with a kit I wanted to use. Whether this is true or not, I constantly found myself trying to use a variety of sticker kits, regardless of if I really wanted to or not. I avoided stickers I enjoyed using just to make sure no one was keeping score. That's not what planning is about.

So I turned off the camera for a few weeks. I planned when I wanted to and used the stickers I wanted to. And I'm loving it. Planning feels like how it did when I first started. It's no longer an video obligation every week, but just something to de-stress with and plan out my life. 

Plus it feels like everyone and their sister is filming the same plan with me video every single week. So I took this plan with me hiatus as a time to figure out how to make plan with me's not so tedious and monotonous week after week. The break lead me to a new type of plan with me. One I haven't seen before. One that's a lot harder to film, but a lot more engaging and rewarding. I just posted the first version of it on my channel.

Sure it's not the same as before and I highly doubt I'll return to that style. My channel is growing and evolving because I'm taking it a lot more serious. I want to put effort and purpose into every one of my videos, not just put up content for content's sake. I love this style of plan with me. It has everything I loved about the old style, plus a refreshing twist. Footage from my daily life.

I also won't be posting these new videos every week. It's likely they'll go up once or twice a month depending on what interesting things I'm getting up to in a particular week so the added vlog footage will be more than me sitting in my robe cutting stickers. 

I'm also well aware that not everyone is going to like this change. I feel bad about that, but at the same time I'm enjoying planning more than I have in over a year. So I'll accept the down vote consequences. It's instances like these that it becomes obvious that you can't please everyone. Sure I want people to enjoy my videos and my channel, but I don't want to have to sell my soul and my creativity in the process. I want to keep improving, changing the typical style of planning videos, and pushing myself not to take the easy way out with videos.

So that's why I stopped filming weekly plan with me videos. Let me know what you think about this new style of plan with me video! Thank you for always supporting me, regardless of the direction I go towards.

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