How I Stay on Top of Everything for My Small Business
Owning a small business has taught me a lot of things, but above all it’s taught me that organization is key. Good thing I’m obsessed with planners right?
I’ve tried a lot of different methods over the past three years to keep up with everything I need to do for my business. From crazy to do lists to completely separate daily planners, I’ve tried a wide range and have found that simplicity is better. More often than not I would highly recommend just adding all your work things into your main planner, but sometimes a bit more space is needed.
I still add in daily to do items and big deadlines into my main planner so things aren’t being missed, but found that a clear overview was lacking in my original setup. I was having a hard time looking farther than a week or two ahead and needed a better way to track the big picture. 
So when Erin Condren finally relaunched their monthly planners, I had to scoop one up. I’m still working on the setup so I’ll be sure to pop some photos on Instagram or write another blog post about my progress, but I’ve fount it to be a really helpful tool at creating a game plan. I made myself some specific font stickers to make repeat events easier to document. I now feel like I know what’s going on, what will be going on soon, and where there are gaps to fill with a sale or new releases. I’m even contemplating recoiling my main planner to add this new book into the back of it to keep everything in one place.
The most important thing about planning is being open to change. What’s worked for you may not always continue to work for you. And that’s totally ok. It’s better to adapt then stick to a routine that isn’t working anymore.