How to Write Better Blog Post Titles
Getting your blog discovered is definitely one of the hardest parts about the blogging experience. You work so hard on creating your content that you want at least someone to see it right? Titles play a huge roll in whether or not people click to your post. Here are some of my go-to tricks to making sure my post titles are catchy and engaging.
Surprisingly enough, longer titles actually do better with search engines because there are more keywords to pick up on. So don’t be afraid to add a few extra descriptive words to help your posts pop up. So rather than writing, “My Favorite Makeup,” change the post to “The Best Everyday Makeup for Summer.” It’s more descriptive, interesting, and gives the reader more of an idea of what the post is about. Don’t go too crazy though trying to pack the title full because Google only shows 70 characters in a title before cutting it off in search results.
Readers love numbers in posts. “5 Ways to Plan,” “10 Best Blog Post Ideas” and so on make the post easier to digest and walk away with a list rather than trudging through a lot of content. 
Most people search for things with “what is” and “how to,” so including those in your titles make them more search-friendly and engaging. Readers like to get something out of what they’re consuming, so giving them tips, tricks, and advice is better than rambling on about a topic.
If catchy post titles still don’t come to you, this is my favorite resource to jump-start title creativity. Just reading that list has my brain swimming with new ideas and titles. It’s a shop secret and I’m finally sharing it with you guys! The link breaks down a ton of different post title categories so there’s something for every type of post.
What’s your go-to way of writing interesting post titles? Leave your tips in the comments!