Life lately has been filled with a lot of dogs. We’ve been watching my parents’ two dogs during the work week for about five months now and it really has been enjoyable having pups around. It’s made us rethink getting one for ourselves though since it feels like quite the full house as it is. Although I loved the idea of having a corgi to snuggle with, Tardis the cat demands more of the spotlight.
We’ve also been doing a lot of decorating in our place lately. Furnishing and decorating our house is something we didn’t want to rush in the first year since we had to get used to a lot of new expenses. Plus a wedding thrown in there really dampens the decorating budget. We finally finished up organizing the sand collection and are working on adding more everything to our bedroom. A neighborhood friend built us a lovely TV stand and a new desk is in my future!
The rest of our days have been filled with working, family time, and a lot of robe wearing. So much so that I wrote an ode to this Erin Condren robe. You know it’s serious when it gets its own blog post. I’m sure you’ve gotten the vibe that change is in the air at the Benda household and we’re just weeks away from finally sharing everything we’ve been working on. 
If you’re ever interested in more life updates, we post vlogs fairly regularly on our vlog channel. Prepare yourself for a lot of messy hair, un-showered Kayla footage. 
What’s been going on in your life lately?