Anti-hauls have been making the rounds on YouTube lately and it got me thinking about all the planner supplies I wouldn’t buy. We’re constantly posting hauls of new stickers and planner goodies on Instagram, so I’m here to share what I won’t be buying.
Up first is planner charms. Sure they’re adorable, but so impractical for my style of planning. I find that anything that dangles or sticks up from my planner just gets in the way. Plus if you’re trying to save a few bucks on supplies, charms are definitely unnecessary planner purchases.
Along those same lines are planner paperclips. I’ve damaged the few that I own with just casual use and I don’t see the point of having an accessory that only comes up for a photo every once and a while. If I used a personal planner I’m sure I’d pop them in the front pockets, but they really don’t serve a huge purpose in my planning setup.
Since I just can’t seem to get on the personal planner/bullet journal train I won’t be buying any expensive leather planners any time soon. Erin Condren definitely is my vice and I’ll be avoiding other expensive collections to save what little planning cash I have left at the end of a month. They’re truly gorgeous accessories, but they have a firm place on my anti-haul list.
Although I love the thought of planner stamps, I just don’t see myself ever buying any. It’s a whole separate world of planning that I just don’t know or understand. Plus then I’ll have to buy blocks, inks, and cleaner while finding place to store everything. I think I’ll stick with the ease and small storing solutions of stickers.
This last one definitely can be chalked up to my grandma-not-changing-in-her-ways lifestyle, but I won’t be buying new pens any time soon. I’ve found what works for me with the Sharpie fine point pen and the Papermate InkJoy gel and honestly don’t feel the desire to try anything new. I do lust over other planner addicts’ impressive pen collections, but at the end of the day I’ll stick with my mug full of two types of black pen and call it good.
What planning supplies do you have no intention of buying? Share your anti-haul list in the comments!