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5 Things I Want to Do This Autumn

5 Things I Want to Do This Autumn

Although Michigan seems to have not gotten the autumn memo yet, my brain is officially in fall mode. Despite having a to do list a mile long there are still five things I want to squeeze in as the days get a bit colder.

Eat my weight in cinnamon sugar doughnuts specifically from a local farm. I've heard rumor that the west side of Michigan is packed with places to go. Now I just have to decide on a place, or three.

Nothing says fall to me like getting lost in a corn maze. I'll skip the spooky ones as I like my mazes on the scare-free side of things, but it's so fun to get lost for a little bit. Plus they're always designed in such cool shapes and usually include a puzzle or two. 

While I'm shoving my face full of doughnuts, it'll be nice to balance it all out by eating an apple fresh from the tree. This is a tradition Alex and I find ourselves doing regardless of our busy schedules. There's just something about wandering around and picking that perfect apple to take a big bite out of.

So I realize a lot of my fall goals orbit around food, but I know who I am. I also would love to drink so many chai tea lattes with pumpkin spice that I end up turning a weird shade of orange because of it. Chai tea with pumpkin is by far more superior to the average pumpkin spiced latte. If you haven't tried it, you need to.

I would also love to by one or five new chunky sweaters. I still have a few that I've owned for almost eight years now and it feels about time for a refresh. A nice grey or a beige would send my autumn loving heart a flutter. 

What are some fall traditions that you just can't get enough of?

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