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Getting Started with Traveler's Notebooks

Getting Started with Traveler's Notebooks

Getting Started with Traveler's Notebooks

Getting Started with Traveler's Notebooks

Getting Started with Traveler's Notebooks

I'm pretty much a grandma when it comes to most things. I rarely update phone apps out of fear of change, I like things the way I've always done them, and I'm awful at new things. So diving into the world of traveler's notebooks was a pretty huge step for me (I'm still patting myself on the back). Of course now I'm completely lost and haven't a clue what I'm doing, but I figured it's worth documenting the journey for any other grandma's out there wanting to try something new.

So first and foremost, you have to figure out what size you want. There are literal tons of different sizes. Plus you can choose between leather or cloth, pockets or no pockets, and the price starts to get a little nutso. Since Oh, Hello's notebook inserts are 4x5.75 inches I decided the logical size for me was A6 so they'd fit inside and I wouldn't have to fuss too much with finding inserts at least. I chose a middle-of-the-range leather notebook cover from Chic Sparrow (this one) without any pockets or extra accessories to keep the price down. Already if I were to purchase another one I would get pockets in the front. So worth it and I'm already saving up for my next purchase to get some. 

Inserts aren't too complicated if you aren't using your traveler's notebook for an actual planner. I'm using mine to replace my Rifle Paper Co planner for daily to do lists, house to do lists, and just general stuff I need to write down that I don't want muddling up my main planner. I'm still going to explore planner inserts a bit more to save you all the trouble of doing it yourself. I'll report back once I figure out what the hell is going on with it all. At the very least, know your planner size and cling to that for all you're worth.

As for the extra stuff, I've already gone a little crazy with a recent trip to Michael's for supplies. I filmed my first "Come Shopping with Me" video to document the occasion if you fancy a watch to see what I picked up. I'm excited to try and take all the bits and turn them into actual themes. Wish me luck.

I've been using mine for a handful of days and have discovered a few things. I love having all my various to do lists in one place, it's portable and can fit in all my bags, and convenient. I do however find myself fussing over every scuff and ding in the leather although I'm told "that's what leather does." Also, pockets are a must and I'm currently trying to figure out a way around them so I have a place to store all my adorable die cuts without having to actually use them. If that's not a grandma thing to do I'm not sure what is. 

If you're a traveler's notebook pro, leave any advice and shop recommendations in the comments as I continue exploring! Any newbies have any questions I can try and sleuth out answers for? I'm on it.

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