How I Get Everything Done
If you’re subscribed to the Microscope Beauty newsletter then it’s pretty obvious just how much I find myself getting into on the internet. Currently I’m actively running three YouTube channels, trying to keep up with this blog, and then everything that goes along with running your own business. It’s a lot, but it’s also totally doable.
The biggest advice I can give anyone trying to squeeze the most out of their week is to have a consistent schedule. Not just when you’re posting things online, but for getting them done too. My weeks always take the same general form. Mondays I work on orders and get caught up from whatever happened over the weekend. Tuesdays are devoted to filming anything and everything I want to post that week. Wednesdays are for Oh, Hello. The rest of the week I leave open to balance out the front half but tend to be filled with more orders, new releases, and editing videos and blog posts.
Schedules are key, but I also avoid pointless down time. Sure I take breaks and enjoy a bath every once and a while, but I also don’t binge watch Netflix as my laptop sits closed next to me. I’m always working on something or another when the television is on or I’m in a long car ride. That “useless” time is only as useless as you let it be. Even brainstorming new content is a great use of time if you’re waiting for an appointment or between classes. 
It also helps that my planner is surgically attached to me. It does the remembering so I don’t have to and that makes the world of difference. So many non-planners in my life are constantly feeling overwhelmed or like they’re forgetting things. Nothing a hefty to do list and a few adorable stickers can’t solve. 
But no matter what, I try not to be too hard on myself if I can’t get everything I want done in a day. Sometimes I’ll take the week off of filming videos to focus on new releases. Other days I’ll devote to writing tons of blog posts rather than making new releases. I allow myself to find a balance and forgive myself if some days it just doesn’t work out. There’s always tomorrow!
Take a look at how you spend your days and weeks. There’s definitely some time in there somewhere that you can set aside for that YouTube channel or getting your blog back up and running. Maybe watch a few less cat videos? That definitely did the trick for me.