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Although we're vlogging pretty regularly over on our vlog channel, a good ol' life updates post once and a while never hurt anyone. And with a new addition to the family and lots of new things in the world of planning and beauty, it felt about time.

Let's start with an update on our newest furry friend Gallifrey. I wrote an introduction post recently, but since he's a growing kitten a lot has already changed. He's become a lot more adventurous, has developed a very annoying 5am wake up routine for first breakfast, and Tardis and him fight like siblings (in a good way). I must say although getting him came out of the blue, he's the perfect addition to our family and just what we needed. He's perfect at making us take a moment, put down the stickers, and enjoy a little family time. Fur babes are good for that.

Guys. I own a traveler's notebook. I still haven't a clue what I'm doing with it, but my first intro post will be up tomorrow with what I've learned so far about the entire thing. Spoiler, I love it. I'm not giving up my Erin Condren Life Planner anytime soon, but this bad boy is already a great addition to the team and has me ignoring the Rifle Paper Co planner I used to go on about. This one is just so much more customizable, change-able, and smaller. But more on all of this tomorrow.

With fall in full force the beauty launches are rampant lately. I'm lucky enough to get some PR samples sent to my door occasionally including the new Urban Decay Troublemaker Mascara. My thoughts? It's not worth the hype. The packaging is to die for, but the bristles are small and my lashes look great for a light-makeup every day look. But at least for me I don't see what all the boasting is about. Just thought you guys should know before shelling out some good money on a higher end mascara. The Perversion mascara by UD is loads better and another tube is already waiting in my Sephora cart for my next purchase. Plus it's a dollar cheaper, and that stuff matters to a penny-pincher like myself.

Besides the dud of mascara, there are a ton of new launches and exciting things to talk about on the blog. So prepare your eyes for some good old fashion makeup review posts. That's some old school MicroscopeBeauty for you.

Now I have to rush pack for an overnight trip across the state at Alex's parents' house. We're making an impromptu trip over since they won this sailing trip through a raffle or something. That seems like a totally Alex's parents thing to have happen. So off we go sailing in the middle of September. Where's my coat?!

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