On the Go Planning Supplies
On the rare occasion that I do leave the comfort of my bed for any extended period of time, I can’t go anywhere without my planner. I’m the type of person that wouldn’t know where I am going or what I am doing without my trusty sidekick. I manage to refrain from bringing every planner supply I own by sticking to a basic formula and focusing on the must-haves. 
No matter what I bring with me, I always carry it in my Oh, Hello Stationery Planner Case. They’re way more affordable than the Erin Condren ones and are literally identical apart from the Oh, Hello ones being an inch or so bigger. I use that extra inch to pop in some back up pens just in case I lose any or they die. Plus the case acts as a guide to how much I can bring. If it can’t fit inside the case, it’s too much.
My planner pops right in there and then on to the more rotational bits.

On the Go Planning Supplies
I like to use the Erin Condren Planny-Pack to hold any colored pens I’m using or random bits so they’re not flying around inside the larger planner case. Then I collect only the stickers I’ll be likely to use depending on where I’m going. It’s usually whatever kit I’m using that week and some coordinating colors for the next few monthly view months.
Lately I haven’t been without one of the new Oh, Hello Traveler’s Notebooks. They’re the perfect size to pop literally anywhere. I’ve been using mine for all sorts of different notes from daily to do lists to shopping lists. They’ll be live on the Oh, Hello website Sunday, September 10th in limited design quantities.
And that’s it. Just a few things all zipped up nice and neat in a planner case. No fuss and no frills. Things change a bit if I’m travelling or going on a longer trip, but daily adventures don’t require too much in the planning department.
What planning supplies do you bring with you on a daily basis?