Today marks one year of marriage. One year since the quickest day of my life flew by in a love-filled blur. When they say it goes fast, it truly does. This whole first year seemed to speed by and now here I am thinking back on what it’s like to be one year in.
Being married now is better than it was yesterday and countless times more than on our wedding day. Every day is better than the one before. It’s definitely something you can’t really explain to people who haven’t gone through it. This feeling of knowing you have a partner in crime by your side no matter what. Having a live-in best friend who just gets you. It’s basically the best thing ever.

So today we’re taking the day off. We’ve already rewatched our wedding videos and flipped through our photo albums. We started a yearly tradition of writing down what we’ve learned about marriage and each other and now all we have left to do is spend some quality time together. Plus eat a very gross looking year-old wedding cake. Wish me luck.
Years in the Benda household are packed full of change and excitement. I’m sure year two will be no different.
These are the two videos from that seriously awesome day. One is the professionally done one, but the other is our behind-the-scenes take on the entire day. Thanks so much for sharing in this with us!