This gorgeous cat was definitely not planned. We woke up Sunday morning with no intention of bringing home a new member of the family. By the end of the day we both found ourselves laying on the floor swooning over the cutest little kitten. What a very crazy turn of events.
To be fair, Alex and I have been considering getting our six-year-old cat Tardis a friend for a few years now. So when one of our neighbors posted a week or so ago about having Maine Coon kittens available, we started to really think about it. We’ve both wanted a Maine Coon since we discovered the amazing breed about five years ago. They basically are the dogs of the cat world. Seriously google them. They’re massive. 
It seemed like fate that out of the blue there happened to be a litter in our neighborhood. But we just didn’t know if getting one was the right move for us. I’m sure you’re aware by now that we’re pretty cautious decision makers and enjoy extensive research for nearly every choice we make. We can’t even decide where to eat without serious googling first.
We avoided our neighbors’ house for about five days. We told the owners it just wasn’t the right time for us and tried hard not to swoon over the photos of the kittens. One by one the litter found homes and we thought we managed to escape the allure. Then on Sunday Alex randomly suggested we just, “Go and see the last kitten. And at the very least make some new neighbor friends.” So off we went.
We spent the majority of the time at the neighbors’ getting to know them. Alex did all that he could to avoid looking at the kitten and I knew as soon as I walked into the door I wanted this little guy in my life. I’m a sucker for a good ol’ kitty.
Fifty minutes later we started walking back to our house and knew it was over. By the time we reached our front door we were texting the owners that we wanted the last kitten they had left. We picked Gallifrey up about an hour later after shopping for supplies.
He’s perfect. He’s so playful, spunky, and already has Tardis chasing him around the house. The two have been getting along famously but I have yet to sang the perfect profile picture for their shared instagram account. Prepare your eyeballs for cuteness if you head over there for a looksie.
This week has been one blur of kitty cuddles and sleepless nights ever since. Who could possibly blog when there’s such cuteness trying to electrocute itself on my laptop cord?