Today marks the third anniversary of Oh, Hello Stationery Co.  What. How is that even possible. I still feel like I’m that same, unsure girl who opened her shop up back in 2014. But now the stakes are higher, the competition stiffer, and everything’s a whole lot more complicated.
But I’m not that same girl from three years ago despite sometimes feeling like I still don’t have a clue what I’m doing. So much has changed since then and it’s crazy to actually think how far we’ve come with our business.
This photo showcases the first shop we ever sold our stationery in. It was a crepe place in downtown Flint and we sold about five cards, but it gave me the confidence to try and do more. We’re now in two large retail stores and have craft shows booked up through the new year. We’re trying new things regardless of setbacks. I think that’s probably the biggest thing that’s changed over three years. We, I, don’t give up so easily.
A lot of thanks for our success goes to my always daring husband Alex. I’m basically one big chicken when it comes to trying new things and yet he’s constantly taking whatever crazy idea I have and making it a reality. From building the most amazing card stands I’ve ever seen to helping us break into the traveler’s notebook world (we’re expanding!), I’ve never met someone so courageous in the face of possible failure. I sincerely hope you all can find someone like him to have in your life. It’s world changing.
So here we are, three years in and still no clue what the next three years are going to be like. That’s the thing about small business. You never truly know if it’ll just stay small, grow, or shrink to nothing. I’ve learned so much about myself, about my relationship, and about who I want to become.
Now off I go to buy myself a celebratory cupcake and maybe a chai tea latte with pumpkin spice. You gotta celebrate the small victories, right?