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Target Pieces I've Been Lusting Over | Project 62 & Threshold

Target Pieces I've Been Lusting Over

Target has been killing it with home decor launches this year and their new Project 62 line has sent my mid century modern loving heart a flutter. Although I'm trying to reign in my spending to save money for Christmas gifts, a little lusty post never hurt anyone, right?

The biggest piece that sent me down the Target wishlist rabbit hole was the Amherst Mid Century Modern Horizontal Bookcase. I've been casually looking for a behind-the-couch piece for our living room to greet anyone who walks through the front door. This would be a fabulously interesting piece that I could decorate with plants, board games, and other trinkets. Plus it's low enough to sit nicely behind the couch with room for photographs (and more plants) on top.

My obsession with plants has reached new heights and the three different sizes of Ceramic and Wood Planters speaks to my soul. They're such a simple design but the perfect way to get a plant off the floor while not taking up counter space. 

Same goes for the Geometric Wall Planter. It's such an interesting piece while still bringing in more of my favorite green friends. I'd be happy if I got plants for every holiday from now until eternity (hint hint family and friends!)

Since I am a beauty blogger of course the Gold and Marble Tray caught my attention. Nothing says blogger extraordinaire quite like marble. It would also make a fabulous cheese board or corralling piece for a coffee table.

Although I've told myself time and time again that the space-themed guest bedroom is finished, I keep finding pieces like this Brass Wall Hanging that would look great in there. Everything about Project 62 is so simple, clean, yet incredibly functional.

I thought I'd throw in this Threshold Library Cabinet into the mix despite it not being apart of the new collection because it's so stinkin' perfect for holding all of our travel memorabilia and collections. The glass panels on three sides make it easy to view all of our favorite things without the risk of anything getting bumped and broken. 

Now if only I was made of money and could scoop up all these gorgeous pieces in one mad dash, but sadly I have to be a bit more realistic. So I'll stick to gushing over them in blog posts.

What home decor pieces have you been lusting over lately?
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5 Ways to Use Die Cut Stickers

5 Ways to Use Die Cut Stickers

If you're even remotely into the planning community then you've probably heard about die cuts. They come as either cardstock pieces or stickers (this took me way too long to figure out) to add larger decoration to your planner, bullet journal, or traveler's notebook. They're incredibly popular, but I often get asked what you use them for since we sell quite a few in our shop. I've got you covered.

5 Ways to Use Die Cut Stickers

1. Stick them throughout your planner. I have them scattered throughout on title pages, monthly quote pages, and on the pockets in the back. It's a fun way to add a pop of creativity without much effort.

2. Laminate them so they stand up against wear and tear. You'll be able to clip them onto a pocket in your traveler's notebook, use it as a bookmark or washi them on to a dashboard while being able to use it again and again.

3. Put them on your laptop to add personalization to your belongings. I also like to put mine on notebook covers.

5 Ways to Use Die Cut Stickers

4. Laminate them and turn them into paperclips. Use some hot glue to attach your laminated die cut to a paperclip!

5. Give them as little gifts in snail mail. Die cut stickers aren't just for planner addicts. A lot of my non-planner friends love these larger stickers. It's like a throwback to the machines at the front of the supermarket. Add one into your next letter to a friend and they'll definitely write back a thank you.

At the end of the day die cut stickers are just larger versions of your favorite designs so return to your kid roots and start slapping them everywhere.

How do you use die stickers?

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My Favorite Traveler's Notebook Supplies

My Favorite Traveler's Notebook Supplies

Although I'm still traversing the confusing world of traveler's notebooks, I have found a few favorite shops for supplies that make things a whole lot easier to get started and to settle in. Here's all my favorite places.

For the notebook itself
Chic Sparrow is my top choice. Right now they don't have a lot to choose from on their website as they're releasing new leathers soon, but I find the quality and the variety the best. I have spent my fair share of time on the Foxy Fix website, but theirs seem a lot more expensive than Chic Sparrow and I much prefer the more natural colors that Sparrow has to offer. It's all personal opinion though so shop around and choose a company you like best.

For inserts
I have to do a bit of self-promotion here. If you happen to have A6 sized notebooks (B6 is coming soon) then Oh, Hello Stationery has some seriously awesome dot grid notebooks. All of our patterns are hand-drawn so they're unique and gorgeous to look at. If you want actual calendars and such, Sew Much Crafting and The 1407 Planners are the places I go to,

For accessories
If you're looking to snazz up the top of your planner, find the best paperclips at Lilac Pineapple Co, The Book Nook Patch, and Created by Danielle. As for stickers, Oh, Hello has a ton of bullet journal stickers that'll work great for traveler's notebooks too. I personally like the day of the week stickers the most.

I ramble on about all my favorites in today's video and a few other things not mentioned in this post. If you have any recommendations of favorite shops for supplies, leave them in the comments!
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On Growing Up

I've been visiting a lot of college friends lately and it has me feeling a whirlwind of emotions lately. It's great to see them again, but a lot of them are still doing the same things they were doing five years ago. Everyone seems stuck. No one is moving on or growing up. They're exactly the same. Just older.

Alex and I skipped a couple of steps. Oh, Hello granted us an amazing house in a neighborhood many people work their entire lives for. Our new friends all have kids and are established. We find ourselves in a limbo between our college friends and our adult friends who are so much more adult-y than we are.

It got me thinking about growing up. Who I want to be as an "adult." And the thing is, I have no intentions of "adulting" in the traditional sense. I love toys. Shopkins make me too excited to full express and I prefer watching My Little Pony over most of the other junk on television. I can officially afford all of these things younger me would only lust after. Why deprive yourself of childish fun just because you're stuck somewhere in adult limbo?

Then it comes to the topic of kids. We aren't in a hurry. Children currently seem like the fastest way to leave youthville and firmly plant yourself in grown up town. I'm not ready to be responsible for someone else when I eat Panera too many ties a week to be healthy. I love kids probably because I relate to them on a spiritual level. Sometimes I want to cry for no reason. The toy aisle is still the best aisle in the store. But Alex and I are just not ready for the responsibility of our own children.

I don't really know the point of this post. More or less to go on about how we're stuck between two friend groups without a clear sight of where we want to go next. I don't want to be that person who is still going to the same bar with the same people after all these years, but I'm not ready for kids just yet. So here we sit between two worlds. We're happy, but a little lonely.

Can you relate?

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IT Cosmetics Secret Sauce and Miracle Water Review

IT Cosmetics Secret Sauce and Miracle Water Review

Prepare yourselves for a rave guys, because I'm downright obsessed with It Cosmetics Miracle Water* and Secret Sauce*. Here's why.

I've been using The Body Shop's Vitamin E Toner for about four years now and never found anything quite like it until Miracle Water landed on my doorstep a month ago. It's basically the exact same product in all the right kind of ways. I use toner after my second cleanse to remove any leftover mascara or makeup that's being stubborn. Miracle Water adds moisture back into my skin right away after my cleansers make it a bit dry and sensitive. It sinks into the skin quickly and provides a great first layer for the rest of my skincare routine. I love how big the bottle is and I can easily decant some product into a smaller container for travel. Plus being able to see how much product I have left makes this slightly better than the Body Shop's offering. Miracle Water and I became fast friends.

The Secret Sauce on the other hand had me a bit on guard. I know that the Secret Sauce is an absurd amount of money. Sure I'd spend that easily on a new traveler's notebook, but it's hard to choke down when it comes to a beauty product. So I seriously scrutinized this product over the last month of regular use. My skin feels firmer, brighter, and I find that I use less makeup to cover up redness and uneven skin tone. The product is rich and creamy and reminds me a lot of Origins Drink Up Intensive Overnight Mask in consistency and moisture bringing. I wake up with skin feeling plump and hydrated. Plus a little does go a long way since it's such a rich product that I've barely made a dent in the generous glass packaging.

So yeah. I know it's expensive. But I'm already thinking of setting aside some money here and there to repurchase when I eventually run out. It's the best heavy cream I've found in ages that works like an overnight mask without needing a whole separate product. I'm convinced.

I can't wait to see what other skincare products IT Cosmetics has up their sleeves.

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Celebrating the Little Things | Monthly Accomplishment Tracking in My Erin Condren Life Planner

Monthly Accomplishment Tracking in My Erin Condren Life Planner

For as long as I've used an Erin Condren Life Planner, I've had the hardest time figuring out how to use the twelve boxes at the front of the planner. Honestly I basically ignored it completely until this past July when an idea struck me. It's the perfect spot to track monthly accomplishments.

Monthly Accomplishment Tracking in My Erin Condren Life Planner

I'm using my boxes to track things that have happened with Oh, Hello Stationery Co. every month, but of course you could use yours for other accomplishments. They're great for work accomplishments, family highlights, baby's firsts, and so on. Plus if you do a yearly holiday card, scrapbook, or photo album, you won't have to try and figure out what happened in the last year. It'll already be written down in a handy location.

Monthly Accomplishment Tracking in My Erin Condren Life Planner

Plus nothing feels better than seeing all of your accomplishments in one place. It's so easy to get wrapped up from day to day that you don't realize all that you're getting done. Oh, Hello changes so quickly that I rarely stop to notice exactly how much we do. This page is a great reminder. A brag board of sorts.

If you don't happen to have an Erin Condren, find a spare notes page and draw up a few boxes. Whenever something exciting happens in a month, jot it down. You'll be surprised at how much you accomplish after just a few months.

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Why Felt Paperclips Are Literally the Best

We're starting off this Monday right with a serious talk about felt paperclips. No joke. A whole post dedicated to these little beauts and my new obsession. Because I wouldn't be me if I didn't have a new obsession monthly, right?

For the longest time I just didn't get decorative paperclips with planning. Because the paperclips I had were made of paper. They damaged easily and it felt like I was just throwing my money down the endless planner drain. I never used them out of fear they'd get ruined. Oh silly me. I just wasn't getting the right clips.

Now that I'm exploring the world of traveler's notebooks more, paperclips seemed like the obvious next step. The top of my notebook looked a little too dull for my taste and really needed a good snazz-up. That's the technical term.

I'm pretty sure I blacked out on Etsy and ordered my weight in paperclips. No lie. This post is mostly just to justify my overspending by using them for blogging's sake. Also LOOK AT HOW CUTE THEY ARE.

There are more on the way to my mailbox of course because I have literally no self-restraint. My two favorite shops that are jammed packed with options are Book Nook Patch (top photo) and CreatedbyDanielle (bottom photo). Their prices are fair compared to other shops and I love that I can get a bunch from one place and save on shipping.

So there ya go. A basically pointless post rambling on about my newfound love of felt paperclips. If you have any shop suggestions, send them my way!

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Makeup Things I Should Have Been Doing Ages Ago

 Makeup Things I Should Have Been Doing Ages Ago

I'm a full-fledged grandma when it comes to most things. My bedtime, technology, and definitely adapting new makeup routines. I'm also very much the same person who proclaims, "Why haven't I been doing this the whole time?!" after discovering something everyone already knew. So here are just a few of the makeup/beauty related things I should have been doing ages ago.

1. Sticking with a consistent skincare schedule.

Sure I've had a pretty standard skincare routine, but I've never been good at sticking with a regular schedule until this month. I would probably do it two to three times a week, but now I'm doing it daily and noticing a huge difference. Clean, happy skin doesn't just happen with lackluster effort. My skin is loving this daily attention and I'm keeping myself accountable with a habit tracker in my planner.

2. Brows.

Now I have been doing my brows consistently for the last year or so, but before then it was literally chaos in my life without brows. They make a huge difference. Huge. If I don't do any makeup at all, I still always touch up my brows. I'm still not a brow wizard and I probably should go get them waxed and actually shaped for the first time ever, but the basic act of just adding some color to them still gives me an Aladdin "whole new world" moment every time.

3. Contour.

I'm definitely still getting the hang of this one, but it's been way easier than I thought to pat some contour to my cheeks and I've been obsessed with how it looks already. It's been a super easy but noticeable change to my daily routine and I've been loving how it looks in vlogs lately.

4. Waterproof vs. Regular Mascara

For ages I thought it really made a difference to my lashes if I used waterproof mascara over regular mascara. It seriously doesn't. It may for other lashes out in the world, but for me, any mascara will do as long as it volumizes, lengthens, and holds a curl. The mascara world has blown wide open for me.

What are some beauty things that you're doing now that you should have been doing ages ago? Drop them in the comments!

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Is Lavanila Deodorant Worth the Price?

Is Lavanila Deodorant Worth the Price

So about a month ago now I got sent a Lavanila Deodorant* for consideration. If you watch my vlogs then you know I was pretty jazzed about the whole thing. I've been wanting to see what the fuss is about over "healthy" deodorants for ages but am too cheap (and mostly forgetful) to spend the extra money to find out if the product is really worth it. So luckily now I know and can pass the wisdom on to you while still keeping my pennies close. Things may get a little too much information in this post, but we are talking about armpits after all. Prepare yourself.

If you're looking for a quick review to move on with your life, the answer to the blog post title is no. It's not worth the price. Because it just didn't work for me.

At first I gave it a true and honest go. I tend to be a pretty sweaty person. Not necessarily smelly, but sweat stains under my arms are a pretty natural occurrence if I'm wearing anything tight whatsoever. My hope was that this deodorant would finally cut down on some of that while being healthier for me. It made things worse.

The packaging is a bit awkward at first to weld after literally years of using regular deodorant packaging, and the product inside is a lot drier than expected. But I swiped regardless and waited to see if it could stand up to my usual anxiety sweating.

It didn't do any worse than most deodorants in the sweat department, but it didn't stop the smell. No one wants to be that stinky person after a long day of running around. And with this I was totally that person. It just didn't work for me to decrease anything I want a deodorant to decrease.

So no it's not worth the extra price for a healthier alternative when it can't do literally a thing I need it to. I've since switched back to my usual stuff and things have returned to normal under the arms there.

Let me know in the comments if you want more of these slightly cringy honest reviews about somewhat awkward products. If you're like me then you want to know, and I'm more than prepared to air all my secrets to let you know.

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The Lifers

We all have those products that we reach for without fail. Sure we occasionally dabble with new things, but we always come back to the lifers. These are mine. The tried and true products that have never let me down and despite wandering away from them in an effort to find the next best thing, they're always waiting for me when I come back.

The Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray is one of those products I can't really describe, but I can tell when it's missing from my makeup routine. I love how instantly refreshed I feel after the first mist and my makeup just looks better throughout the day. This is my favorite formula of UD's setting sprays and I've probably used at least three containers worth so far with two more always sitting in backup.

Now I tend to be pretty fickle when it comes to mascara, but I just can't get over how much I love Urban Decay's Perversion Mascara. It's the perfect mascara for my lashes. Serious volume, great length, and it holds a curl almost all day. No other mascaras have done it quite like this one.

Although my skincare routine rarely changes, I still don't feel the same attachment to the rest of the products like I do The Body Shop's Vitamin C Facial Cleansing Polish. It's the most abrasive scrub my face allows me to use (it's really not even that rough on the skin) without causing irritation on the cheeks. It smells amazing and is my go to cleanser of choice to remove makeup and get the day off my face. I think it's safe to say I've used at least six of these containers.

If you haven't tried It Cosmetic's CC Cream by now you're absolutely bonkers. I tend to reach for light-weight base products and this one is my all time favorite. I have it in two shades so I can mix and match throughout the year. It's so easy to blend into the skin, build up if more coverage is needed, and it wears great throughout the day. I love the packaging because you can really squeeze the last drop out. 

No all stars post is complete without briefly mentioning Stila's One Step Correct. I've been yammering on about this stuff since I started this blog and for good reason. No primer compares to this in my book. Part moisturizer, part color corrector. The packaging is incredibly fun and I'm still not tired of it after close to 20 or so containers of this stuff. We're besties for life.

Concealer is another one of those products that I don't feel overly attached to sticking with just one product, but I find myself reaching for Urban Decay's Naked Skin Concealer when I need my dark eye circles covered badly. It's the only concealer I've repurchased twice and I trust it to get the job done. It smells a bit odd at first but I quickly got over that because it's just that good.

MAC's "Twig" Lipstick is my lipstick. If I ever become famous for something and people suddenly become interested in recreating my makeup looks, "Twig" is the lipstick I'll be known for. It has a gorgeous satin finish on the lip that keeps the color in place while not being drying like a matte. It has just the right mix of brown and mauve tones to keep things interesting without being over the top. Literally me in a nutshell.

If I had to only wear one blush for the rest of my life it would probably be Urban Decay's Afterglow Blush in "Video". Honestly I hadn't a clue I was such an Urban Decay fan until I started writing up this post. DANNNGGG. It's the perfect flush of color on the skin while still being subtle and easy to wear all year round. Dusty rose at its best and I'm well on my way to hitting pan on this bad boy. 

If you would have told me a brow powder would make its way into my lineup of lifers I wouldn't have believed you. But I'm a convert through and through. It Cosmetic's Brow Power Powder is so easy to use that I don't know why I hadn't tried it sooner. I love it so much more than pencils as it's easier to slap my brows on in a rush. A few angled brushes full and I'm off to the races.

I'd love to hear what your lifer products are. What are the ones you just couldn't live without?
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How I Keep My Makeup Collection Under Control

How I Keep My Makeup Collection Under Control

My stash has reduced substantially since I first started this blog and it's quite the feat to keep it that way. But if you're like me and don't need makeup spilling out of every nook and cranny in your home, I have a few tips to keep it under control. 

First up, constantly remind yourself that you only have one face. Nothing keeps me from buying another blush more than the reminder that I only have one face to wear it on. Sure it gets difficult when there are new releases every other day, but at some point you don't need more makeup than you can wear in your lifetime.

Set up your collection to have the essentials in each category so you won't need to try and fill a void. Blush is a great example. Have a summery peach shade, an everyday shade, and a deeper mauve tone for colder months. Cover all of the basic categories and you won't find yourself really missing anything from your stash. 

You should also unsubscribe from all makeup related newsletters. If you don't know there are new products coming out, you won't feel the need to buy anything new. Ignorance is bliss when it comes to new makeup.

It's also super helpful to have a donation bin close by to remove no-longer-loved makeup from your stash. I find it even more helpful to have the basket I use in a separate drawer so I can clearly define what's in my stash and what's leaving it. Since I am fortunate enough to get samples sent to me occasionally, I like to keep them in this same drawer until I've tested them out. That way if I'm not crazy about them, they stay down there and never get moved to my main collection.

Check expiration dates often. This is a great way to clean out your stash on a regular basis and keep it under control. There's no use holding on to makeup that's expired. 

Buy new, smaller storage, and don't let your makeup expand past it. When I did my great destash last year, I purchased new clear acrylic organizers and vowed that I couldn't have more makeup than could fit in it. It's helped so much at keeping my spending in check. Plus the smaller drawers get filled quicker and makes it look like I have a lot more makeup than I actually do. 

If you're still having trouble keeping your stash small after a destash, practice the one-in-one-out rule. If you have to have that new lipstick, then there's probably one in your collection that you don't love as much. Let the new one replace it and send the other off to a friend, family member, or donate it if it's lightly used.

But honestly at the end of the day, I'm incredibly happy with my makeup collection and that makes it easy to keep it small. It has everything I need and I don't find myself lusting after makeup anymore since I have all my bases covered with what I currently own. I've picked high quality pieces that I invested in. Sure it cost more money up front, but I've saved a lot more in the long run from not buying more.

How do you keep your stash from exploding in makeup goodness?

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How I Store My Traveler's Notebook Supplies

How I Store My Traveler's Notebook Supplies

There's no doubt that I'm officially hooked in to the traveler's notebook world. So much so that I spend a good chuck of time every day poking around the Chic Sparrow and Foxy Fix websites seeing if anything new has popped up. Newsletters have been followed, Facebook groups joined. I've dived in deep and my wallet isn't too keen on the whole relationship.

Although I have a number of Etsy orders open for even more supplies, I had to figure out something quick to keep my expanding collection of traveler's notebook items. So here's what I've come up with so far.

How I Store My Traveler's Notebook Supplies

A trinket jar has done wonders at keeping all my magnetic bookmarks and plain paperclips in place. Plus it's making a lovely addition to the top of my BRAND NEW DESK ALEX BUILT ME. I'm one lucky girl. I have a lot of small bits and bobs and keeping them in this jar just makes it a lot easier than having them flop all over the place and get caught in Gallifrey's grasps to disappear to the great beyond.

I do find that the little jar is already full and it's too small to hold my decorative paper clips. Yup. Decorative paperclips. If you would have asked me a month ago what I thought about them I would have said no way. But I'm a convert because I hadn't the foggiest clue that there were more than just cardstock options. The paper ones still don't make a lot of sense because they easily get damaged by using them, but yarn and fabric ones?! Game changers. These are the bulk of my current Etsy orders and I'm too dang excited.

How I Store My Traveler's Notebook Supplies

I went a little scrapbook paper crazy at Michael's the other day and needed a good place to store all the cut-to-size dashboard inserts. Oh, Hello Sticker Organizer to the rescue. It's the perfect size for all my A6 sized papers and I even filled a few pages with my growing die cut sticker collection. This organizer solved a ton of my problems in one fell swoop. Plus they're on sale. Win!

All my extra dashboard inserts, notebooks, the sticker organizer full of papers, and my larger paperclips get tucked away in an old PR sample box from Urban Decay on the tv stand in our bedroom. I'd love to find a more flashy way to organize everything, but for now tucked away is working perfectly. 

I'd love to hear how you store all your supplies! Whether it's sticker storage or a nice collection of traveler's notebook goodies. What do you do with all of it?!

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There's Nothing in the Bin and Other Home Styling Secrets

There's Nothing in the Bin and Other Home Styling Secrets

I'm no home decor genius, but I do know a thing about making my home look more together than it actually is. The internet is full of lies my friends and home styling is full of secrets.

See a gorgeous shelfie full of beautiful bins, books that have only been once, and perfume bottles full of expensive liquids? Those bins are either empty, or full of junk. Bins are a perfect way to add texture and break up a styling space, but more often than not are full of lies. I have a bin in our bedroom that's sat empty for months, while another one is just full of squishies.

That super adorable chair is usually covered in a giant blanket to prevent cats from scratching it. My new office chair is gorgeous, but it only comes out to snap a picture and then it goes right back under a quilt. No way am I letting my claw-crazy cats get their hands on its fabric. Most of our furniture is safe if it's leather, but anything fabric is destined for claw marks. Pets are the best, but not when it comes to keeping furniture looking its best. 

Beds are only made when guests are coming over or a photo is being taken. At least in our household anyway. There are those amazing people who make their bed every day and I seriously envy you, but that just doesn't happen here. I'm lucky if the blankets are even still left on the bed. Yet when there are relatives coming into town or we're hosting a party, the place looks good and proper. 

The house is only as tidy as the edges of a photo. Seriously. This one is a big one for all the Instagram ready houses you see online. You only see what the photographer wants you to see. I often have a basket of ready-to-fold-a-week-ago laundry just out of frame of most photos I take. Like the one for this post. So. Much. Laundry. So if your house feels constantly messy and you just don't know how everyone else can keep up with it? Feel confident knowing that they don't either.

What other home styling secrets do you know?

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Fall Makeup Favorites

Fall Makeup Favorites

I swear the weather can't make up its mind here in Michigan, but I'm definitely ready for fall to officially arrive. I've shaken up my everyday makeup drawers to add in more autumn ready shades. Here's what's now in rotation.

Although I love a good dewy finish base any time of year, I'm reaching for a more satin finish as October settles in. The IT Cosmetics Confidence is a Compact in the shade "Light" is creamy and light on the skin while not being so heavy on the shine. It's one of the most buildable foundations I've ever tried and although I was a bit skeptical over the packaging at first, there's a ton of product in there. Plus the compact makes it a lot easier to add more coverage on the go.

I've began a love affair with powders that I never thought would ever happen. It seriously helps that I'm no longer caking it on. And in an effort to reduce the glowy skin to more fall-like proportions, powders have been my best friend. Lately I've been enjoying the IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Redness Powder in "Transforming Neutral Beige" to help reduce the Rudolph qualities of my nose. It's light on the skin and gives my concealer a little extra help in staying place and hiding just how little sleep I got the night before.

When the first leaf falls to the ground I find myself eyeing up my darker blushes. Thankfully blush is one thing I don't have a heavy hand with so I'm not piling on too much of Revlon's "Wine Not" or Urban Decay's "Video." The UD blush is much lighter and natural looking on the skin while "Wine Not" is meant to make a serious statement. 

I don't know what it is about colder months that makes me want to whip out all the glitter eye shadows. Maybe it's because I'm bringing down the glow in my foundation that I need to ramp it back up with my shadows? Stila's "Kitten" is my go to, but if I'm feeling just too lazy to pull out the single shadow, LORAC's Pro Palette has some gorgeous shimmery shades in it as well.

Fall demands some gorgeous berry and mauve hues so I'm delivering them with a gusto in the lip department. Clinique's "Grandest Grape" has probably been in my collection way too long, but I'm still holding on to its perfect dark berry goodness. If I want something a little more "everyday" then Too Faced's Melted Lipstick in "Melted Fig" is a great alternative. Plus it dries down onto the lips so it lasts a lot longer than most lipsticks.

What are your go to fall makeup staples?

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