How I Store My Traveler's Notebook Supplies
There’s no doubt that I’m officially hooked in to the traveler’s notebook world. So much so that I spend a good chuck of time every day poking around the Chic Sparrow and Foxy Fix websites seeing if anything new has popped up. Newsletters have been followed, Facebook groups joined. I’ve dived in deep and my wallet isn’t too keen on the whole relationship.
Although I have a number of Etsy orders open for even more supplies, I had to figure out something quick to keep my expanding collection of traveler’s notebook items. So here’s what I’ve come up with so far.

How I Store My Traveler's Notebook Supplies
A trinket jar has done wonders at keeping all my magnetic bookmarks and plain paperclips in place. Plus it’s making a lovely addition to the top of my BRAND NEW DESK ALEX BUILT ME. I’m one lucky girl. I have a lot of small bits and bobs and keeping them in this jar just makes it a lot easier than having them flop all over the place and get caught in Gallifrey’s grasps to disappear to the great beyond.
I do find that the little jar is already full and it’s too small to hold my decorative paper clips. Yup. Decorative paperclips. If you would have asked me a month ago what I thought about them I would have said no way. But I’m a convert because I hadn’t the foggiest clue that there were more than just cardstock options. The paper ones still don’t make a lot of sense because they easily get damaged by using them, but yarn and fabric ones?! Game changers. These are the bulk of my current Etsy orders and I’m too dang excited.

How I Store My Traveler's Notebook Supplies
I went a little scrapbook paper crazy at Michael’s the other day and needed a good place to store all the cut-to-size dashboard inserts. Oh, Hello Sticker Organizer to the rescue. It’s the perfect size for all my A6 sized papers and I even filled a few pages with my growing die cut sticker collection. This organizer solved a ton of my problems in one fell swoop. Plus they’re on sale. Win!
All my extra dashboard inserts, notebooks, the sticker organizer full of papers, and my larger paperclips get tucked away in an old PR sample box from Urban Decay on the tv stand in our bedroom. I’d love to find a more flashy way to organize everything, but for now tucked away is working perfectly. 
I’d love to hear how you store all your supplies! Whether it’s sticker storage or a nice collection of traveler’s notebook goodies. What do you do with all of it?!