My Favorite Traveler's Notebook Supplies
Although I’m still traversing the confusing world of traveler’s notebooks, I have found a few favorite shops for supplies that make things a whole lot easier to get started and to settle in. Here’s all my favorite places.
For the notebook itself
Chic Sparrow is my top choice. Right now they don’t have a lot to choose from on their website as they’re releasing new leathers soon, but I find the quality and the variety the best. I have spent my fair share of time on the Foxy Fix website, but theirs seem a lot more expensive than Chic Sparrow and I much prefer the more natural colors that Sparrow has to offer. It’s all personal opinion though so shop around and choose a company you like best.
For inserts
I have to do a bit of self-promotion here. If you happen to have A6 sized notebooks (B6 is coming soon) then Oh, Hello Stationery has some seriously awesome dot grid notebooks. All of our patterns are hand-drawn so they’re unique and gorgeous to look at. If you want actual calendars and such, Sew Much Crafting and The 1407 Planners are the places I go to,
For accessories
If you’re looking to snazz up the top of your planner, find the best paperclips at Lilac Pineapple Co, The Book Nook Patch, and Created by Danielle. As for stickers, Oh, Hello has a ton of bullet journal stickers that’ll work great for traveler’s notebooks too. I personally like the day of the week stickers the most.

I ramble on about all my favorites in today’s video and a few other things not mentioned in this post. If you have any recommendations of favorite shops for supplies, leave them in the comments!