I’ve been visiting a lot of college friends lately and it has me feeling a whirlwind of emotions lately. It’s great to see them again, but a lot of them are still doing the same things they were doing five years ago. Everyone seems stuck. No one is moving on or growing up. They’re exactly the same. Just older.
Alex and I skipped a couple of steps. Oh, Hello granted us an amazing house in a neighborhood many people work their entire lives for. Our new friends all have kids and are established. We find ourselves in a limbo between our college friends and our adult friends who are so much more adult-y than we are.
It got me thinking about growing up. Who I want to be as an “adult.” And the thing is, I have no intentions of “adulting” in the traditional sense. I love toys. Shopkins make me too excited to full express and I prefer watching My Little Pony over most of the other junk on television. I can officially afford all of these things younger me would only lust after. Why deprive yourself of childish fun just because you’re stuck somewhere in adult limbo?

Then it comes to the topic of kids. We aren’t in a hurry. Children currently seem like the fastest way to leave youthville and firmly plant yourself in grown up town. I’m not ready to be responsible for someone else when I eat Panera too many ties a week to be healthy. I love kids probably because I relate to them on a spiritual level. Sometimes I want to cry for no reason. The toy aisle is still the best aisle in the store. But Alex and I are just not ready for the responsibility of our own children.
I don’t really know the point of this post. More or less to go on about how we’re stuck between two friend groups without a clear sight of where we want to go next. I don’t want to be that person who is still going to the same bar with the same people after all these years, but I’m not ready for kids just yet. So here we sit between two worlds. We’re happy, but a little lonely.
Can you relate?