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Pipsticks Pro Club

Pipsticks Pro Club

As a serious sticker addict, Pipsticks is right up my alley. I've gotten their subscription in the past, but it's been a good year or so since my last delivery. This go around I got October's Pro Club Pack* and am obsessed with all of the changes the people over at Pipsticks have made since my last package.

The sticker selection has always been super fun. I find that I can use about 40%-50% of the stickers in my planner while the other ones go on happy mail or notes to friends. Pipsticks isn't designed specifically for planners, but I love being able to get a wide range of stickers to use for a lot of different purposes. There are a ton of unique stickers I've never seen before and it's cool that Pipsticks does the curating for me so I don't have to hunt down special finds myself.

The new pouch everything comes in is beyond perfect and a great way to keep stickers organized. Plus it helps keep things straight from month to month if you're like me and particular about keeping monthly subscriptions separate from each other. 

Each subscription comes with a pre-stamped postcard as well as a quote card that always makes for great decor or a good addition to a craft project. They offer a huge range of different sized sticker packs for adults or kids from $9.95 to $14.95. This would make a great gift for a sticker enthusiast in your life or a young'in just getting started with the sticker obsession. 

Use MICROSCOPEBEAUTY20 for 20% off any regular subscription purchase on the site! 

Have you tried Pipsticks before?

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