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Wrapeez Reusable Gift Wrap

Wrapeez Reusable Gift Wrap Review

Wrapeez Reusable Gift Wrap Review

I've always been the type of person to have all my presents wrapped by the middle of November. The holidays are naturally stressful, so getting everything done as soon as possible means I can actually enjoy the "most wonderful time of the year." So when Wrapeez Reusable Gift Wrap* asked to send me some of their eco-friendly, reusable gift wrap, I couldn't pass up the opportunity for even faster wrapping.

Wrapeez has a variety of different sizes of stretchy fabric that can be used to wrap basically everything. Remember in school back in the day when we protected our books with stretchy book covers? This gift wrap is the exact same thing. It comes in two pieces you can stretch over a bunch of different sized presents. There's a little cinched part to act like a decorative bow too. 

The best thing about this gift wrap is that it's there for you in a pinch. There's always someone I forget during my holiday shopping and Wrapeez takes one less stress off as I quickly run to the store to find a thoughtful gift in five minutes or less. I don't have to worry about a quality wrapping paper job since I can just throw this gift wrap on in the car and be good to go. Lazy/forgetful people rejoice.

If you're trying to save money during the holidays, this could be a great alternative rather than buying wrapping paper that's just going to get thrown away. Plus you can show just how eco-conscious you are. Always a plus.

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