Everything I've Learned from Fellow Planner Addicts
The planner community has changed a lot since I picked up my first Erin Condren Life Planner three years ago. There are so many groups, events, and styles of planning being shared that you can find any advice or inspiration that you’re looking for. I’ve learned quite a lot over the years from my fellow planning gals.
  • No white space planning is gorgeous, but definitely  not for me
  • How to layer stickers on top of each other like the boss that I am
  • My monthly view can be used both for planning ahead, but also memory keeping
  • Happy mail makes everything better. And surprise happy mail is even more powerful
  • When you find a pen you love, don’t share it, lend it, or have less than 10 backups of it
  • No two planner addicts plan the same way
  • Swag bags are essential for a successful event
  • They’re almost always aspiring girl bosses. They’re always bad asses
  • It’s ok to change your planning style. Again and again and again
  • Most of us our introverts, but that doesn’t stop us from attending planner meetups
  • Hording. Hording pens, hording stickers, hording Target Dollar Spot treasures
  • We make planning work for us no matter what we do or who we are
  • How to organize planning supplies to make it look like there isn’t an obvious problem when there most definitely is (see the point about hording)
  • How to be kind and share the love through RAKs, good deeds, and friendship
The planner community has a spot for everyone. I’m constantly making new friends, finding new trends, and falling even farther down the planner rabbit hole. It’s pretty dang great isn’t it?