How A Blog Can Land You a Real Job
Still on the fence about whether or not blogging is for you? What if I told you that I’ve landed TONS of real, legit jobs because of my blog? From my marketing position at the University of Michigan to my various freelance jobs, my blog is a huge factor that sets me apart from other applicants. Your blog could help you land jobs.
  • Your blog will show consistency and dedication for something that you aren’t required to do. It shows that you’re dedicated to projects you pick up and can stick with something. A lot of employers want to know that if they hire you, you won’t just abandon ship a few months later. A blog gives them piece of mind.
  • A blog shows that you’re self starting and do things without being told to. You’re a go-getter rather than sitting around waiting to be told to do certain tasks.
  • Plus a lot of employers would love the chance to see writing skills. A blog is an archive of your work so they’re able to see your voice, editing skills, and writing style. All things that’ll help you land the job above someone else.
  • Without really knowing it, employers will also see that you’re responsive to comments which shows that you’ll be great at responding to emails and others in a timely manner. They’ll see you can run something all on your own.
  • Depending on what job you’re trying to land, your blog will also show photography skills. A lot of creative jobs want you to be good at SO MANY THINGS. A blog is a great representation of everything you know. Social media skills, how to use platforms online, and how to take good photos. 
So polish up that old blog of yours or start a new one. The subject matter really doesn’t matter to employers just as long as it shows just how amazing you are. Other applicants won’t have this secret up their sleeves when applying for the same jobs.