Considering it’s just me and Alex in our household, you would think we would have a fairly good grasp on what the other person is getting up to. Yet time and time again we find ourselves double booked. So this year I’m implementing a family calendar into our routine to avoid this missteps in planning. Here are the steps I took to set ours up that could work for you and your family to get more organized.
Of course the first thing you have to do is pick a calendar to use. The one I’m using from Bloom Daily Planners is frustratingly out of stock and I definitely should have checked before filming a whole video featuring it. Rookie mistake. I’m also a big fan of the Erin Condren Wall Calendar because of its handy pocket and giant sheet of stickers. Any calendar will really do though depending on your needs.
Next gather all the information you want to put on the calendar, but make sure it’s things that at least one other person in your family needs to know about. So stuff like doctor appointments, class activities, travel, evening meetings, and so on. Plus while you’re gathering all of that info, don’t forget to round up less frequent event information you don’t want to double book on accident. This includes things like weddings, six month teeth cleanings, and other stuff that you schedule so far in advance they can often get forgotten as time goes on.

If you have a larger family than just two people then I definitely recommend color coding. Either give each person a color or give event categories their own so that at quick glance you’ll be able to see who and what is happening when.
Then put the calendar somewhere that everyone in your family has access to it so they can feel part of the planning process. Keep it low for younger kids and in a public space so that every day it’s seen. And then update it often. Add new events, update it with changes of times, and keep it a living, breathing addition to the family. Add stickers, photos and momentos, and other fun elements to keep it engaging and something the whole family wants to look at.
As the year goes along, write down accomplishments and important things that have happened for different members of your family. That way as the year comes to an end, you’ll have tons of information for you holiday letter, yearly photo book, or just as a keepsake of what everyone got up to that year.
I share all of these steps in today’s YouTube video if you want more commentary on the whole process, but I’m excited to put my family calendar into action. Plus who doesn’t love another excuse to use stickers?
Do you have a family calendar? How do you keep up with tons of activities for different members of your household?