How to Create a Blog Post
If starting up a blog is a goal for 2018 or you’ve had one for a while, it’s always interesting to see how other people create and maintain their blog. Although I’ve been blogging for ten years I still find myself eagerly clicking on any post that contains blogging advice. So I thought it time to share my not-so-complicated pretty-straight-forward blogging process.
Before doing anything I always hunt around for inspiration for blogging topics. Ten years is a long time and a lot of posts so inspiration is key to keep things going. My favorite way to find inspiration is to look in genres that aren’t related to what I like to blog about. It keeps things interesting, makes sure I’m not unintentionally copying, and always cultivates more exciting ideas. Instagram, Bloglovin’, and magazines are my usual resources, but I try to keep myself as open as possible to new ideas whenever they may strike.
When a new blog post idea does hit me, I write it down in a notebook if I’m out and about. Then I always make sure to write out my thoughts in a word document so I
don’t forget the premise of the blog post if I don’t write it for a few weeks. It’s definitely not glamorous, but it makes writing a post so much easier if I already have all the talking points written down when the ideas are fresh.

Google Calendar is my favorite tool for blog post content scheduling. Although I’m a tangible planner girl at heart, Google makes it so easy to switch things around if plans change. Any new blog post ideas get a tentative spot in Google so I have a rough idea of when each post is going live.

Next is photos. I talk about my photo taking process a lot on the blog so if you want more information check out these posts, but I always make sure to take vertical and horizontal photo options. I like to alternate my photographs to keep the front page of my blog more engaging and certain photos work better with certain orientations.

By the time I get to the writing part of my posts, I basically already have it done. With my notes and photos as a guide, it’s mostly just adding in links and making sure I’m not super boring! I’ll either publish the post right away or schedule it to go up later. Then it’s social media and post promotion to get as many people to see it as I can.

I’d love to hear your blogging process to see if there are any ideas I can adopt to make mine more efficient! Leave your thoughts in the comments!