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January Favorites

January has to be my favorite month for favorites. Christmas gifts get dug into, the new year brings a new start, and I find myself with more time to do basically anything. So there are a TON of products this month that I'm downright loving.

Let's start with board games as they've become a full blown obsession in our household as of late. Bad day? Buy a board game. Good day? Buy a board game. The two we've been loving are Sushi Go Party and Photosynthesis. They're possibly the farthest from each other two board games can be. Sushi Go is a deck passing game where you're trying to score points for getting different types of sushi. Photosynthesis is all about growing trees. I'll be doing a full review video and blog post later this week, so I'll save all the details until then. Spoiler: it's amazeballs.

The Oh, Hello traveler's notebooks are taking over my life as we prep for their launch at the end of February. They're better than I could have ever expected and I've been snapping photos of them like crazy for weeks. Here's hoping the world loves them just as much as I do!

Of course I had to include my 2017 photo book in my favorites because you know just how obsessed I am. It's a serious issue. Pretty sure my 2018 book is going to be three times as large with how many photos I've already collected for it.

The 52 Lists Project book I got for Christmas has been getting put to use this month and I'm loving it. It's like a journal without the pressure of trying to write everyday. Plus it's been fun asking Alex the prompts and seeing his answers. My only problem with it is that I want to jump ahead and fill the whole thing out in one go.

 If you've been keeping up with my YouTube videos lately then you would have seen my new favorite way to wear my hair all thanks to my new Curling Iron. This is one of the best amazon purchases I've made in a long time (minus the 1920s flapper dress headed its way to me as I type this). It's such a high quality iron for the price and produces the most perfect, bouncy waves.

I forgot to include my new Target Bag in these photos, but I'll be doing a full post about it (and what's in my bag) next week. It's a gorgeous professional looking bag that has tons of storage space.

As for beauty bits I've been obsessed with the DERMA E Anti-Wrinkle Scrub. Still not 100% sure how the anti-wrinkle aspect comes in, but this is an amazing exfoliant that's still super gentle on my sensitive skin. It has little apricot seeds in it to help message away the dirt and grime from my skin without being harmful to the environment like those little exfoliant beads used to be. Win.

I've rediscovered the Bare Minerals Complexion Rescue and can't remember why I stopped using it daily in the first place. It's the most dewy finish base around and beats out the IT Cosmetics CC cream in glow factor. It's super hydrating on the skin, but is just a tad too dark for my pale winter skin. Nothing a beauty blender and some seriously blending down the neck can't fix though!

After a huge debate I finally purchased the Kevyn Aucoin Sculpting Powder near the end of last year and I'm so happy (and still a little sticker shocked) with my purchase. It's the best sculpting/contour powder I've found for my skin tone. Literally everything else I've tried looks way too orange on the skin. This does have a hint of orange, but the grey brown shades stand out a whole lot more making this one amazing contour. 

The It Cosmetics Perfect Lighting Magic Wand has been an active part of my daily makeup routine as of late because of its ability to bring light back to my under eyes. Poor things are always dark and gloomy, but this helps to brighten everything up and make me look less like a vampire.

I walk you through all of these favorites in today's video. Plus take a peek at the bag that I'll be raving about next week.

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