Don’t wait for a mess. Declutter constantly. 

It’s really just that simple. If I see a drawer or closet start to get out of hand, I don’t wait for “spring cleaning” or a day where I suddenly feel inspired to clean my entire house of its junk. I just do it. I’m constantly opening up cabinets, tossing a few things, and shutting it again. It makes my house feel so much lighter than letting the stuff I no longer have a want or need for weight it down.
I’m sure there’s a space in your home that could use a good reorganize. Give yourself 30 minutes today to tackle it. Even if it’s just getting rid of anything you have no use for anymore. Just doing that will bring about a world of difference before you even start to organize what you have left.
Sure I love a good spring clean, but I also love a good any-day-of-the-week clean. Give it a shot!