I started this blog in 2013 after having various blogs for five years before that. I had these cliche dreams of making it big in the beauty world, quitting my day job, and travelling around the world taking glamour shots on amazing trips. That’s what all the big beauty bloggers were doing and I wanted to be just like them. This photo was taken a few days before I started this blog back in 2013. I had lofty dreams, ambitions, and far-fetched goals.
Fast forward five years and here I am. Not YouTube famous, not blog famous. My unrealistic dreams did not come true. And you know what? I’m still not quitting.
Sure I didn’t become a fast success and the source for all things beauty. But I did become a much better writer, photographer, and content promoter than if I had never started this blog. MicroscopeBeauty and gotten me countless “real” jobs even if it hasn’t sky-rocketed me to internet fame. It’s also taught me to fight for everything I want. Starting a blog and throwing up a few posts isn’t going to give you internet stardom. I’ve worked hard for every single like, follow, and comment I’ve gotten in the past five years.
This blog has been here for me through a lot of life changes. Starting Oh, Hello, getting married, quitting my “real” job to follow (another) silly dream. It’d be so easy to up and quit just because it didn’t give to me what I wanted it to. But it’s given me so much more instead.
Of course I’d love to get a call from some makeup brand whisking me away to Iceland or somewhere equally crazy. But I’m also happy being here, in bed, in my pajamas, doing the same thing I’ve done the past half decade. Because sometimes things don’t work out like you hope they would, but they become something else entirely.
The girl in this photo didn’t know what the next five years had in store for her, but I’m pretty sure if she did, she wouldn’t have changed a thing.