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Sky Organics Bubble Box Subscription Review

Sky Organics Bubble Box Subscription Review

Baths are reserved in our household for very special occasions. Alex and I both enjoy a good bath, but we don't just pop in the tub any old day. I particularly like to make an event out of the whole thing. Candles, bubbles, and a whole evening with nothing planned. So when the first Sky Organics Bubble Box Subscription* landed on my doorstep a month ago, it's safe to say I was pretty jazzed about the whole ordeal. I've now had the pleasure of receiving two boxes and am here to report back on all the bubbly goodness. Get your credit cards ready because you definitely need this subscription in your life. And better yet, the past boxes are still available for purchase.

Twinkle Twinkle is the first of the two boxes and packed with four different bath time treats. There's a Pumpkin Apple Butter Bath Bomb packed with everything you love about autumn and I must say I for sure need this with winter raging hard outside my window. There's also a Candy Apple Bath Bomb that's super rich with a hint of caramel. My favorite of the box is the Oatmeal Milk & Honey Bubble Scoop because it looks just like ice cream! Tons of bubbles that are super silky and left my skin feeling so smooth. Alex is most excited about the Peppermint Shower Steamer. Pop this on the floor while you shower for seriously peppermint aromas. 

January's box theme is Champagne and has some serious love vibes. There's a Lavender Champagne Bath Bomb and a Love Potion Mini Bath Bomb. Plus a Strawberry Shake Bubble Scoop and a Lavender Luxury Shower Steamer. All of the light, citrus scents are really going to lift my spirits as I keep my sights on spring. This box is so unlike the first one which keeps the subscription interesting from month to month. I love that the item types stay the same, but the scents are so different.

Sky Organics Bubble Box Subscription Review

I've tried quite a few of the different bath bombs and scoops so far and love just how rich the bubbles are, how soft my skin feels afterward, and just how good they all smell. I left a few in our guest bathroom to tempt any guests to get a little luxurious and have a bath. Now I'm sure they'll never want to you might now want to do this if you have any unwanted inlaws poking around.

Sky Organics Bubble Box Subscription is $16.95 a month with the auto renew option making each of the four items around $4.25 each. That's about half the price of a lot of LUSH products available that do basically the same thing. Plus it's delivered to my door every month and I don't have to hunt down a LUSH store or make online orders? Sold. If you want to grab the past boxes, they're $19.25 on the website.

Although the holidays have passed, this would still make a super thoughtful gift to keep in mind for any upcoming birthdays or mother's day. It's not too early to plan ahead right?

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